Video: Leno Cracks Hysterical Jokes About Obama’s Economy

NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno took a swipe at his own sister network and the President Thursday.

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2 comments to Video: Leno Cracks Hysterical Jokes About Obama’s Economy

  • Carol

    Why wasn't he out there when he was going for reelection and said the truth about what is truely going on NO he waited until he got back in.

  • doneinamerica

    Hey you fricken over chinned creep….you couldn't do this over the last 6 years your [sic]boy[sic] has been in the lime light??? Oh that's right…your [sic]boy[sic] is looking at taking away more of your gazillions…though you don't understand you pr!ck…its us that your [sic]boy[sic] is coming after…

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