Video: Speaker Boehner Needs To Go!

I know I am not alone here…

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4 comments to Video: Speaker Boehner Needs To Go!

  • Carol

    He is a chicken and it shows everyday in every way and you can see it in his body language or Obama (Barry Soetoro) has something on him that we know nothing about and he holding this over his head.

  • Dr Shirley Lynn

    You know you are so right but I do believe if we had enough true American people would could change and how do we remove him as speaker of the house. After the election I heard him say Obamacare is noe the Law of the land and there will be no repeal. People should have been outraged but I heard nothing.
    Obama under anyother time would have been impeach long before a second election and we just sit back. So sad!

  • victoryintruth

    Excellent vid! What you said applies to all of the filth who occupy most of the public servant positions nationwide, at all levels. It's all about money and power. They ALL need to go and quickly.