Allen West’s Congressional Seat Stolen

Allen West Allen Wests Congressional Seat Stolen

Tracing the walking history of this mystery box of write in ballots Florida Election Board auditors found somewhere in or around Gertrude Walker’s St. Lucie County headquarters is proving to be quite daunting. And the Allen West-Patrick Murphy recount continued early this morning after being suspended late last night. These write in ballots of 306 early votes somehow missed being counted because machines “kicked them out.” With Election Supervisor Walker now hospitalized, we may never know what happened. Her administrative assistant Annie H. Clark told me, “They didn’t find no ballots,” but canvassing board member Tod Mowry said the auditors’ find “was noted.” Kathryn Nelson, canvassing board member who voted against the new recount,” told me, “Those ballots just were not included in the official count.”

Rumors on comment rolls began to surface about this mystery box late last week putting it in a high school gym somewhere. The Tradition Hall polling place computer came in late and even Allen West himself decried the chaos on election day, especially at the Minsky gym location. The machine under Walker’s supervision kicked out 306 write in ballots that had to be manually tallied, but somewhere along the process this box disappeared and later was found by Florida state auditors. “You color in a bullet” (bubble) some man in the audience of recount watchers told me.

But a retired school administrator who with his wife is driving 140 miles round trip from Wellington clearly is disgusted with everything going on. “I think it’s a mess; why is it a mess? Why can’t we get it right. . .we’ve been voting for hundreds of years. . .there’s got to be a better process than this,” he said. A Scottish born man said, “I’m here to make sure Allen West gets a fair shake.” West supporters were out in force all day Saturday.
Murphy attorney Liz Howard went up to a St. Lucie County attorney before counting began and showed her Murphy’s plea for injunctive relief seeking to halt the proceedings. I intervened and said, “Wait a minute; those papers are neither signed by a judge nor served. . .the count must go forward! Later in the day a new judge threw out the Murphy request saying it was lacking both procedurally and substantively.

The Walker sudden hospitalization curiously coincides with today’s noon deadline for election results certification. What happens next? Murphy’s attorneys say their next move will be to enter Leon County courts to seek remedy if he loses the recount. And Allen West is fighting another valiant battle to win fair and square! He took off his own body armor to give it to one of his men in the heat of battle. Beloved by his dedicated supporters who have marched for him all week, Congressman West is withstanding a towering onslaught of attacks from liberal left black politicians who traditionally vote color.

The brave American warrior just happens to be a Republican conservative that they cannot and never will control! He is his own man.

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19 comments to Allen West’s Congressional Seat Stolen

  • Robomom

    Allen West continues to be a bulldog and refuses to back down, despite repeated reports by the liberal media saying he has lost the rade to Murphy. We will not back down and we will not rest until Allen West receives justice. We must revamp our voting process to avoid outside tampering in future elections, but we must also insist that the Secretaries of State where voter fraud was obvious, expose the fraud and throw out fraudlent ballots.

    • Robomom

      Uh, that would be "race" instead of "rade", and "fraudulent" instead of "fraudlent" sorry folks! I was in too much of a hurry! If we "move on" and refuse to deal with the fraud (John Boehner seems to lack the intestinal fortitude to challenge the dems on anything of substance like the Benghazi cover-up or the massive voter fraud, but attacks Todd Akin for a stupid comment – even blaming him for Romney's loss?!!!), WELCOME TO VENEZUELA… the promised "transformation of America" he promised! The voter fraud will be 100 times worse and Republicans will never win anything again unless we demand Boehner/Cantor/McConnell resign and we get Republican leaders like West or Bachmann or Ryan who will continue to challenge the dems!

  • pjohnf

    What's Murphy afraid of, if he truly won the election the recount will show that he won. Isn't the objective suppose to be an accurate count of the votes so Murphy should be willing to see the count done correctly and honestly. Why oppose a recount if the vote and vote count were done honestly in the first place and a recount should show the same result.

  • ed Shick

    The amount of voters we seem to have ,, It's no wonder they got all the votes in Pa and Ohio , Florida too ,, It's ashame they all listen to liberal news media ,, Was it a game to see how many times you can Vote ,, yet it swwms there were people yhat voted for Romney that got lost,,, I'm all for Allen West ,, Freedom Is not Free!!

  • Guest

    What fun. Not only does this sack of excrement lose, but his humiliated followers just can't let it go.

  • james tibbs

    You can bet the house of ill repute had a big hand in this fraud. Now we need to see what happens with the Oblunder gun running for the muslim brotherhood in syria.

  • My advice to the young intelligent Americans is to get the hell out of America while it is still possible. Come on Texas
    secede, I want to move there. Obama is very close to destroying America!!!!

  • conservitivepatriot

    his seat was stollen by a drunken jail bird… ass**** communist democrap…

  • onthedot

    That's exactly what happened in Oregon during the prior election. The Republican candidate led Kitzslaber, a Democrat, until it came down to one Precinct, who mysteriously came up with a box of ballots that was statistically unlikely, and inordinately in favor of the Dem candidate. They own the schools and the voting system. They've hijacked America. Their students are now too dumb to know what's going on.

    • onthedot

      Democrats can't have an African American Republican win, because it takes the wind our their argument that if you aren't Democrat, you're racist.

  • Allen

    Early voters in VA got to vote twice, or more.

    • Ghetto Ryder

      That was true in ALL the big cities and ALL 50 States……!!! Some "black" polls had a 147% turn out of registered voters…..!!! Fraud at its peak….!!!

  • Allen

    A couple I know sent for voter registration forms in their county in MD before the deadline. They have no forms to this day. Could that be because they are repubs in a wholly dem State?

  • Ghetto Ryder

    Same goes for the Presidental Election…….STOLEN/Fraud……!!! Time to clamp-down….and throw out the positions attained by fraud and numerous voting by the same people……!!! When fraud is found to be true…..throw those people OUT…..!!! And give the positioin to the other candidate…..!!!

    • Guest

      Welcome to the Third World! And it's not like the Republicans were really going to change anything, anyway. Time to start thinking outside the box, folks.