Benghazi: Will The Truth Ever Come Out?

Obama 60 Minutes Benghazi jpeg Benghazi: Will The Truth Ever Come Out?

Congressman Pete King said that it will be difficult to find who made the changes to the CIA report that General Petraeus made in his report that he submitted to the White House. His reasoning is that prior to Ambassador Susan Rice receiving the report that she broadcasted all over the country by going onto five Sunday news programs, the report made a number of stops.

The White House obviously received the report on the Benghazi attack, as did the Department of Justice, along with the Department of Defense.  I would also assume that the Department of Homeland Security received one as well. Well, lets now look at the individuals that head-up each one of these departments, starting with the Department of Defense, that is headed up by none other then Eric Holder.

We know that the Attorney General, Eric H.Holder, lied under oath numerous times, while being questioned by Congressman Darrell Issa over the Administration’s failed Operation Fast and Furious. We also know that the Attorney General will do anything and everything to protect Obama as he has throughout the time that he has spent as the Attorney General.

We now move over to the Department of Defense that is headed up by Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. Panetta stated that, “assets were not sent in to Libya, since they did not have a clear picture of what was going on the ground, and it would be wrong to put other lives at risk.” We all also know that Panetta, along with Biden and Obama, according to official White House logs, met that evening at five p.m., and were all huddled in the Situation Room, watching the slaughter unfold right before their very eyes in real time, thanks to a Predator drone that was sending back streaming videos.

Let’s now move over to the Department of Homeland Security, that is headed up by Secretary Janet Napolitano.  I need not highlight the many lies that she has been caught saying under oath, many of which were over the failed Operation Fast and Furious.  She, along with Holder and Panetta, will do anything and say anything to protect Obama, as will all of his other self-appointed members of his Administration, along with Members of the Democratic party leadership.

What I fail to understand is that I cannot imagine that when a report—any report—is distributed to all of the various agencies, that number one a copy is kept on file, which the CIA should obviously have available.  Secondly, the recipient of any document, let alone one as critical as the one that David Petraeus submitted to the White House, and the other agencies, is both dated and time stamped, with the words “Received” on it. In all probability due to the sensitive nature of the report that the CIA submitted, I imagine that the words “Top Secret” are there in clear sight as well.

Thirdly, knowing the corrupt nature of the Obama Administration and the above Agencies, I would expect them to be aware of their standard reporting structure, and remove all copies of the original documents.  However, their standard procedures for copying and date-stamping documents will either prove that they were tampered with and modified or not.

Fourthly, we know from earlier testimony under oath from four individuals that the Administration knew exactly what was going on in Benghazi in real time thanks to the many cables, faxes, emails and phone calls that were being made from Benghazi and being received at the Pentagon.

Fifthly, we also know from sworn testimony that three requests for military assistance was made by the ex-Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and that these requests were denied. There is only one person that has the authority to provide military intervention into another country to assist American citizens, let alone our Ambassador, and that person is the person that went to sleep that evening, knowing full well that four American lives were lost due to his inaction.

There is absolutely no doubt that there was a White House conspiracy to modify General Petraeus’s original CIA report. This is worse than Watergate. With Watergate cover-up, no one died, as they did in Benghazi.

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  • onthedot

    The TRUTH is already out. The question should be: are their any American LEFT who care enough about a treasonous President? The answer is, unfortunately, "no."