Video: MSNBC Calls Hamas Rockets ‘Harmless’

More rockets have been lobbed at Israel than the entirety of the German bombing of London, yet MSNBC thinks this is “harmless.” Are they clueless or anti-Israel or both?

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4 comments to Video: MSNBC Calls Hamas Rockets ‘Harmless’

  • pjohnf

    You have to be totally brain dead to watch anything MSNBC puts out. Israel just wants to be left alone and MSNBC keeps defending HAMAS as the victim and Israel as the criminal. America is going to hell in handbasket and MSNBC is helping Obama do it.

  • Jerry

    Harmless? people killed, kids traumatized and cannot go to schools? Population having to go to air raid shelters to avoid injury or death. Over a thousand rockets this year. All rockets intended to kill civilians as they are not aimed at Israeli military targets.

    So what if Mexico or Canada did this to a US border city? Would we just say, well their aim is bad so its nothing to worry about. MSNBC is the worst TV station on the air and their lack of viewers show how they are being received.

  • Jack Whitey

    I wonder what MS maggot shit would say if a couple came through their fucking station window?? Hmm..

  • Guest

    It's illegal to shoot off 'bottle' rockets, during the 4th of July, here.