America Is A Nation Of Choice

constitution 2 SC America is a nation of choice

America used to be a great and exceptional nation. A nation where every adult man and woman had the opportunity to be whatever they chose to be in life. A woman could be a full-time mother and wife and be lauded and respected for her choice. A man could choose to work with his hands or his brains and also achieve status in his community without a formal education (when did you ever hear anyone badmouth a good mechanic, plumber, builder, or electrician?) Something happened in the 60′s that started to erode what America had been. The following is what I believed has happened to our country.

We lost our moral compass with the introduction of the birth control pill. Suddenly, women could be just as reckless as men sexually and not have the burden of pregnancy looming over their heads, nor premature pregnancy waiting in the wings to cut short their enjoyment of their youth. Promiscuity became the order of the day with the advent of “free love” and the hippie and commune movement. Suddenly, morality became archaic. God’s law became an ancient relic, especially after the New York Times declared in a headline one day that “God is DEAD”! Our religious foundation suddenly became undesirable because man had declared it an unenlightened belief. Playboy flourished, along with pornography. The sexual revolution took off, and America threw off any pretense of restraint. The Roe v Wade decision, made up by the United States Supreme Court, helped fuel the fire of sexual rebellion that started America on a long, bloody road of infanticide. The mighty court of the United States had overruled God’s law; and fornication, adultery, and murder were now acceptable practices within the United States. The dark age of “enlightenment ” was descending on America in the form of “progressive thinking”. The shackles of any kind of restraint were being broken and tossed aside. Irresponsible men could now count on their lady-friends to “do the right thing” about an unwanted pregnancy and would not have to feel guilty about it. All pleasure and no guilt, so we thought. We had a choice and took the wrong path. Women always had the right to choose. A choice to have unprotected sex, protected sex, or no sex until marriage. A choice whether to have the child or give it up for adoption. Why does “Planned Parenthood” always insist on the murder of an unborn child as the only choice? Women had the choice between making men responsible for their behavior or joining them in a sexual free-for-all. Can anyone say “STD’s”?

Illegal immigrants have choices. They have a choice between doing things the right way concerning immigration (which by the way does NEED to be streamlined and sped up) or coming into this country illegally. Some Hispanic/Latino radicals are even demanding that the United States give back some southwestern states to Mexico, which does NOTHING to endear them to the rest of America. They have a choice but choose the illegal path; why?

Blacks have several choices available to them. Forgive the past transgression of slavery and move forward to take their place in society alongside all the other races in our melting pot of a society, or continue to carry anger and hatred for a sin against them long past. Black women have a choice between making their men take responsibility for their actions or continuing to be nothing more than concubines and baby factories. Blacks need to stop denigrating those of their race who find their niche, not in a “white” America, just America. Blacks have a choice to take their neighborhoods back from the lawless elements in their society or to allow a disproportionate percentage of their race to flood our prisons and graveyards.

Progressives in ALL political  parties have the choice of looking at history and realizing that their grand experiment of “redistribution of wealth” has been tried before in various forms (communism, socialism, fascism, Maoism); and the result has ALWAYS been the death of millions, the failure of their economic system, and more often than not the failure of their political systems. Progressives have a choice between letting the natural forces of a free market system determine the winners and losers in America, or trying to manipulate the results through government intervention (which usually ends up in disaster). Politicians have the choice between fiscal responsibility or a reckless disregard for the law of economics, thinking themselves as smarter than all who came before them. Progressives have the choice between doing what’s best for the country or just what fits their agenda (which usually is NOT good for anybody).

Politicians have a choice between moral and ethical behavior, or a self-serving attitude. One leads to the greatness of noble leadership and prosperity for all, while the other leads to corruption and the collapse of the country they “serve”!  Special interests are nothing more than narrowly focused, one-issue, self-centered entities that are not looking at the big picture of the country’s need as a whole.

Atheists, homosexuals, Muslims, and all other minorities also have choices in this country. They are all free to be who they are within their own sphere of influence and live peacefully among their fellow Americans. They also have the choice of respecting the majority positions of morality, justice, religion, and respect for America that has sustained us for so long (and for whom millions have given their lives to safeguard and protect.) They all have the choice of living in the most freedom-loving nation in the world or moving to wherever they feel their beliefs and lifestyle will be more readily accepted. Using Progressive judges to change society through the courts, therefore bypassing the will of the majority, should NOT be a choice in this country.

The bottom line is this: there are many choices available to ALL people who are in this country or want to come to this country. Use them, but stop trying to change America from what made her great to a God-hating, third world country. You have a choice to honor America for her exceptionalism, compassion, and sacrifice; or go take up residence in a place that makes you more comfortable.

There are a majority of us who happen to love America the way she was and will work to get her back to her foundational principles and beliefs. Progressivism will wreak havoc on America for a short while until enough people wake up and realize what is happening to their beloved country and ask God to forgive us as we make the choice to rely on Him once more. Or we go the other way and disappear into the dusty pages of history forever. The choice is yours, America.

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