Video: Allen West Concedes Despite Massive Voter Fraud

We have witnessed massive voter fraud on the part of Patrick Murphy against the patriot Allen West in the race for the 18th Congressional District in Florida. And despite lawsuits to get a full recount, an army of lawyers prevented this, allowing only a partial recount in the wildly miscounted St. Lucie county. Knowing that the battle would be long and expensive, Allen West conceded the election this morning.

Yes, America; the Democrats have stolen another election.

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11 comments to Video: Allen West Concedes Despite Massive Voter Fraud

  • Guest

    Where is your proof of "massive voter fraud," you contemptible pr!ck?

  • Guest

    So Allen West throws in the towel while at the same time hos pathetic followers allege "massive voter fraud."

    The explanations are as follows:

    1. There was no voter fraud at all.
    2. West is a spines weasel who won't fight his battles.
    3. West knows he can make more money lying to morons than he can as a Congressman.

    • Nannie 75

      Excuse me but do the math. When there are more votes cast than LEGAL voters to cast them there is certainly voter fraud. Just as in the presidential election where there were numerous instances of voter fraud that the media and the left wing nuts turned their backs on. We will all suffer with this administration, you right along with the rest of what once was a great nation.

    • Dan Stewart

      What an IDIOT! How musch free stuff did you get? I bet you're on wellfare, food stamps & free food because you blow your food stamps on beer.

  • upaces88

    Remember George Bush's term, "Trickle Down Effect"? He was referring to the economy. However, this is the Obama version of the Trickle Down effect…MASSIVE CORRUPTION…and people are getting by with it.

  • artinthewild

    He's like Obama and his birthcertificate – why spend all that money on lawyers if there is no truth to it????