Video: Feds Will Soon Be Able To Read Your Email

HR 2471, like a snake, is slithering up to the “moderate” Democrat Patrick Leahy’s Judicial Senate Committee, to be voted on November 29th. Patrick Leahy has rewritten this electronic “privacy” bill to instead allow the Feds, local law enforcement, and literally any local or federal entity to read any electronic communication—email, private Facebook Posts, Twitter direct messages, Google Docs, etc.—without a warrant.

Isn’t there something called the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution? Something about privacy?

Who needs the Constitution when Barack Hussein Obama can take care of everyone’s needs?

Will America fight back against this unconstitutional power grab?

Time will tell.

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3 comments to Video: Feds Will Soon Be Able To Read Your Email

  • Guest

    My favorite feeble B S from my favorite feeble bullshItter.

    I love the tone of ominous conspiracy Krissypoo tries to create with these OMG is the World Ending–Time will Tell! denouements.

    Key Kris Kris…will you ever be able to make a living doing this or will you spend your life couch-surfing in Riverside and washing dishes at IHOP?

    Time will tell!

  • wcouch

    WHEN THEY DO THAT I WILL UNPLUG THE MACHINE. But that will not serve any pourpose when they tax the internet

  • Sheeple Hearder

    Good. They can all SUCK MY ASS anyways…