Video: WND’s Joseph Farah: I Believe Obama Won The Election Through Fraud

On Wednesday, our good friend Joseph Farah appeared on Alex Jones’ radio show to talk about voter fraud.

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2 comments to Video: WND’s Joseph Farah: I Believe Obama Won The Election Through Fraud

  • William Darling

    With so many incidents of count errors, ballots being rejected, etc, why isn't anyone in the Congress calling for an investigation fully into the recent travesty…oops, I meant election…and insisting on complete bipartisan oversight on a complete national recount? Is there no one with enough conviction in their hearts/minds/souls to follow through? Where are those representatives and senators whose job is to ensure that the government is one of, by, and for the people who elected them?

  • Jerome C. Borden

    I would assign most of the "Fraud" to the Obama campaign and a bunch of really weak campaigns that didn't come out and hammer the issues such as Fast & Furious, Obamacare, and trashing HSAs which really sock it to the people on the bottom. Those taxes (fat cat and inheritance) are going to wipe out job chances for a lot of people as well as trashing farms and businesses. I was never invited to a "Letters to the Editor" campaign despite linking to numerous sites. This is one way around the media firewall and there are others that weren't tried. Now, in those places where "special conditions" exist, it sure looks like something really fishy was happening such as 50+ precincts in eastern PA without a single Republican vote.