What The Media Won’t Tell Us About The Union That Killed Hostess

Twinkies SC What the media won’t tell us about the union that killed Hostess

The fake “reporters and journalists” we are forced to put up with have destroyed our sacred freedom of the press. Their lies and half-truths lead trusting readers to only the conclusions they want Americans to reach. The truth about the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers Union (BCTW&GMU) is a good example of the kind of information the fake media hides from us.

The leadership of the BCTW&GMU is a gang of greedy crooks who are only concerned with filling up the trough they push their snouts into. That trough is constantly refilled with the dues money of workers whose lives mean nothing to these people.

In perfect “Animal Farm” style, the upper leadership of this criminal gang pulls down from two to three times what the average worker they “represent” makes for actually working for a living. For instance, Frank Hurt (a name you couldn’t make up) makes $262,654.00 to “guard the interests” of his members who make about $85,000 a year, which itself is $35,000 more than the average salary for workers across America.

Since 2002, the membership of the BCTW&GMU has fallen by more than 32,000. This is not surprising because while there are no available data after 2009, during the period between 2002 and 2009, an average of more than one workplace a month decertified this monster by direct vote of the workers involved. There you have the reason the unions want “Card Check.”

Anyone familiar with this union would have no trouble spotting the problems that would compel their members to flee at such a rapid pace. In the last ten years, it has racked up 524 unfair labor practice complaints based on its refusal to live up to its “Duty of Fair Representation” (which is pretty much what it did to Hostess and certainly what it did to the members of other unions willing to work for Hostess under its latest offer.)

Given its basic criminal nature, it almost goes without saying that the BCTW&GMU’s recent political contributions have gone 99.73% to Democrats ($1,447,204.00) while it gave Republicans just .0027%, or $4,000.

Isn’t it obvious why we don’t ever hear and/or read figures like these?

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5 comments to What The Media Won’t Tell Us About The Union That Killed Hostess

  • tiredofbums

    I hope they have a good retirement fund for the union leaders to steal. We don’t need unions in America any more. A union man tried to get me to join a union one time and I told him I had a mom and dad and that I didn’t need his union milking me for money. Unions are a con game made to get the one’s who run them rich. Where are all the ugly democrats now. Tax these guys. Put all unions out of business. Shut you union worked plant down and make these fools pay their people unemployment benefits from the union retirement fund. We must break the back of every union in this country.

    • Grim

      The worst I have seen are the unionized public service workers in California, but not far behind are the longshoreman goons.

  • anonymous

    I agree, we don't need unions,,, you should take a wage cut, while at the same time CEO triples his pay. Was that because the stock went up? After all we have to compete with NAFTA Mexico China and the illegals working beside us here. Mexican truckers now have — non-stop– access to the US. Why do we need unions to represent us when we have Congress? I have found that if I work for free, I have more work than I can possibly do. Though I have found it to cause wages to stagnate, how's yours doing?

    • Right Way

      Mine are doing fine. I own my own business. I don't sit around whining about how bad things are and depending on someone ELSE to support me for life. If you don't like the pay you get, start your own business. Oh, wait, I forgot, you are a UNION guy, you HAVE TO HAVE a company support you for life because you don't have the balls to venture out on your own. By the way, CEO's didn't all graduate from college one day and walk into the CEO position the next. They EARNED that title and position by working for it. You Union sympathizers will always look to others to solve your problems for you. You CAN'T make it in the real world of competition because most of you suck at what you do. Unions promote mediocrity from their members. Members DON"T WANT their sorry asses and that is why Union Membership (with the exception of Municipal or government worker's unions) are dropping off the map. Because they don't do shite for their members, only the top leaders who don't do a thing for their members. Guess what "anonymous" ( I just love that name, (means chicken shite in the real world.)) I compete with Mexicans every day, I compete with Illegals every day, but ya know what I do, I out perform them, I put more quality and value into my product than they do, I care more about my clients than they do. JUST LIKE EVERY SUCCESSFUL business does. And your right, WE DONT NEED UNIONS OR THE CRAP WORKERS THEY BREED! THEY SUK!

  • BillWhit

    In the beginning, Unions were a good thing, cared about workers and job conditions. Today, they are nothing but job killers and greedy blood suckers who should be disbanned!