Jamie Foxx Latest To Compare Obama To Messiah

obama messiah Jamie Foxx latest to compare Obama to Messiah

Actor Jamie Foxx joined a long line of imbeciles to suggest President Obama is another incarnation of Jesus Christ. He made the outrageous statements during a recent taping of the Soul Train Awards.

He said the event was “like church” and asked the audience to “give honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama.” He repeated the president’s name to the applause of attendees.

While I can understand the black community celebrating the first president of color, bestowing such godlike qualities on the man is pathetic. This is just one more way the Left tries to discount any criticism of Obama.

First, conservatives were just racist for opposing a black leader; blacks on the right were disparaged as Uncle Toms. When the president’s policies became increasingly disastrous, it seems some of his biggest supporters are upping the ante by suggesting his detractors oppose God’s will.

Lest one think this was just a random comment by one oddball celebrity, there have been numerous cases of leftists referring to the president as a deity.

Whether a Florida professor’s book, The Gospel According to Apostle Barack, directly comparing the president to Jesus, or “The Truth,” a painting that depicts Obama as Christ on the cross, there is no shortage of people equating the Savior of humanity with the destroyer of capitalism.

Even the Democratic National Convention got in on the action by unveiling a souvenir calendar celebrating Obama’s birthday as though he was sent to Earth as the Messiah.

Though not sanctioned by the DNC, vendors during the 2012 convention sold posters directly connecting Obama to the Bible, contending he is a “prophecy fulfilled.”

To protect a failed president with policies that are literally destroying this nation, the left resorts to blasphemy to demonize any opposition. I am extremely thankful for America’s freedom of religion and if Jamie Foxx wants to waste his breath praying to the president, he is free to do so. I would like to hear his answer to one question posed for him on Twitter, though.

“If Obama is our ‘Lord and Savior,’” the user asked, “why did Democrats boo him at their convention?”

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