Video: Blasphemy: “Our Lord And Savior Barack Obama!”

Jamie Foxx as part of a Soul Train Awards special told the audience to “give honor to God…and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama!” Instead of the audience gasping with calls of blasphemy, they cheered on this blasphemous statement.

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19 comments to Video: Blasphemy: “Our Lord And Savior Barack Obama!”

  • Watching and Waiting

    Sorry to say, Jamie Foxx, but the worst sin of all that is not forgiven
    EVER, is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

    Since the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One,
    it would appear that technically Mr. Foxx has
    sinned against the Saviour. I may be wrong
    in my interpretation.

    • Guest

      You aren't "interpreting" anything. You're a f'ing idiot, is all.

      • John Gant

        And you are a….?

      • Watching and Waiting

        You don' t realize this, I am sure, but every word and every thought
        you have is judged and you will be held accountable for your
        words, written or spoken, on Judgment Day.

        Don' t believe it? That's okay with me.
        Your kind of humanity is not ever going to

        Your garments must be white as snow to
        enter the kingdom of heaven.

        What color are your garments, Guest?
        (metamorphicaly speaking)

    • wcouch

      NOT wrong, what do you expect from a negor who's still pissed about the CIVIL WAR. He should be mad at the groups that sold there kind into slavery, instead of the WASP of the time. All of the blacks should start with their on who wanted the money from the AFRICIAN SLAVE TRADERS of the 17th cent, & the 18th, 19th.

      • wcouch

        They are the reason that I refuse to go to the movies, to look at some DUMB S o B for 90mins, ,,,,Just makes me want to F………… PUKE!

      • Cliffhild

        —And don't forget the Arabian Muslim Slave traders and markets…

        • upaces88

          Muslims were among the first to "capture" Africans for slaves? They were cruel. They neutered the men and kept their wives as sex slaves.

          Isn't this the kicker though!!
          Many blacks are converting to Islam. They "worship" a President who still prays to Allah. Yet they defend him!

  • c0ndo

    y'all don't have a sense of humor, do you? how it must suck to be you.

    • Guest

      LOL…looks like the only adult around herge makes a few of you losers upset. Hey c0ndo–nice work!

      • c0ndo

        these people are the stupidest in the country. They are being played, every day, by these hucksters who post a scary "ooga-booga! the black man is coming to get you! Send us Money to make it stop!!!" email, and the donations come rolling in.

      • Me_in_Canada_Eh

        I wonder if Jesus is laughing at the mockery.

  • Linda Van

    This is blasphemy, pure and simple! Boycott anything this anti-God/anti-Christ produces. He needs to move to China or better yet, let's ship him with no return address over to Iran – they'll love him! Is this how the black part of our society feels? Somehow, I don't think so.

  • Guest

    Golly, it looks like Krissypoo Zane spent his entire Thanksgiving weekend slaving over his laptop. They fire you from the Riverside Car Wash, sweetie?

  • Carol

    I can't believe this really happened the people seem to go along with this but for maybe they didn't fully understand what he was saying or at least I hope so because all they were having fun and not listening to what he was saying.

    But on the other hand maybe they agreed and thought same way and if that is the case that beyond horrible.

    For him to even say that is beyond my understanding and I hope that is popularity does a nose dive.

  • smdares44

    All inside the DC beltway need to become subatomic particles!

  • upaces88

    Many Black Christian Churches have already backed away from him due to his stand on Homosexuality. I don't have the article at hand. So, if anyone does, please upload the url address. It was a number like 2,000 Black Ministers turn their backs on him for his stand on Homosexuality. I am quite sure that this will only add to his declining popularity in much of the Black Community.
    How far does this man have to go before ALL of the Black Community wakes up to see exactly what this man is!?

  • john

    …..oh yes, foxx, our country is going to hell in a handbasket, so lets kiss obama;s ass!! traitor!!