Video: Fox News Reports On Voter Fraud

Fox News is one of the few media outlets following the voter fraud that’s been rampant in Troy, NY, a suburb of Albany. Here’s the last video report documenting how absentee ballots were faked, and eight Democrats are under indictment.

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4 comments to Video: Fox News Reports On Voter Fraud

  • Patricia Leath

    We the American people must take a stand or it is going to be too late. When Obama declares Marshall Law and desolves the House, Senate and Supreme Court., let us see how the media deals with this "minor" issue.

    • JusticeMustAwaken

      Obama-crook-in-chief, if he dares to impose martial law,
      will be facing a revolution he never counted on.

      Americans value their freedoms… they aren't like
      the Germans/Jewish in WW2, who were herded
      off to concentration camps, without any resources
      to defend themselves. It was all a huge surprise to
      these millions of souls.

      Nowadays, we have internet keeping us informed,
      television, such as it is, and radio hosts, such
      as Mike Savage, all keeping us alert to any
      rumblings of gestapo-like tactics.

      AND Americans, many are veterans, have dealt
      with the enemy before, and won't 'stand down'
      when the tyrant begins to wield his offensive

      Ah, to live to see that day.

  • blueglas

    Americans (that leaves-out the impostor-fraud-closet-in-chief occupying OUR White House): voter fraud documented in Troy NY…fraud to add illegally to obummer "vote counts". Gee, the tip of the iceberg has emerged, finally. That tip of the iceberg is like a BB in a boxcar in states and counties across our Country. Like in the NFL, obummer is eager to get the "next play off" before the Republican coach throws the "challenge flag". ovomit thinks that once the "next play is off" is to get past the next "coronation" of the narcisst-in-chief and then could let his lying hair down. No, the Republicans will relentlessly pursue the entire truth to the demoncrat rampant (an understatement) voter fraud which would lead to either national exposure of that massive rigged voting for obummer and prompt impeachment, a re-election or recall. Even the cover-up demoncrats and their lackey media will not be able to cover-up this one and hold-back the national tidal wave of retribution onto the demoncrat thug regime.

    • Patricia Leath

      I hope that you are right because things are simply out of control. We have four dead Americans and Obama and his thugs do not give a damn.