An Open Letter To Gun-Grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein SC An Open Letter to Gun Grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein

Senator Feinstein, I have been to your website and read that once again you are seeking a ban on certain kinds of semi automatic weapons, high capacity magazines, and pistol grips on said rifles. Before their were semiautomatic rifles that looked like military firearms, there were revolvers, shotguns, hunting rifles knives, hatchets, bows and arrows, tomahawks, lances, crossbows, hammers, maces, axes, blowguns, and even real machine guns. My question then, is why are you constantly picking on rifles or hand guns that can only fire as fast as you can pull the trigger? It doesn’t matter whether the magazine can hold 5 shots or a hundred if the bonehead firing the weapon is intent on killing fellow human beings. Besides, if another citizen is armed in proximity to the shooter, that person, if well trained, can put a stop to that murderous action long before law enforcement gets to the scene.

Why are you so hellbent on taking guns away from law abiding people? Did someone shoot your pet cat when you were very young? Our illustrious President seems just as determined as you are to turn our Second Amendment rights over to the United Nations so that they can do the dirty work for you Progressives. Is this desire to control every aspect of other people’s lives something that you are born with, bred into you, or do you learn it in our fine public educational institutions? Murder has been around as long as man has existed. Somehow or someway, a person bent on killing will find a way to do it; and nothing short of incarcerating that person on suspicion of wanting to commit murder will stop such things from happening. However, if you were to ENCOURAGE citizens ( both men and women) to get proper firearms training and practice to become proficient with that weapon(s), then you would probably stop a lot of murderous action before it got very far. A well armed citizenry will provide added safety and protection for their fellow citizens, whereas a disarmed citizenry provides nothing but targets, Senator.

This country has not been invaded since the war of 1812; and I, along with millions of others believe that it is partially due to the fact that Americans are so well armed. We pose a formidable deterrent to those who would try to take this country by force; so what are you Progressives REALLY afraid of, Senator Feinstein? Is it that you think an unarmed America would be more “pliable” or submissive to your rule? I find that thinking quite disturbing. The war on terror has been shown to be alive and well even in our own country, and Hurricane Sandy showed America that our Federal, state, and local governments can be overwhelmed by a natural disaster and a major attack all too quickly. People in New York and New Jersey are still without power. Homes were looted over the Thanksgiving weekend, Senator. Where was law enforcement?

I read on your website something about wanting to put a stop to an unnecessary “massacre” due to assault weapons. Why is it that you and your feminist friends have allowed the massacre of over 50 million of our unborn to die by the suction tube, scalpel, or saline solution (which by the way literally burns an unborn child to death in the womb)? Why is that an acceptable form of murder, Senator? When are you going to stop that massacre? If women have a right to choose to kill their unborn children, then I have a God-given right to protect my family, my fellow citizens, and my country with my legally-owned and licensed firearms, Senator.

This hypocrisy from you and your fellow politicians is disgusting. Start spending more of your time solving some of the critical problems that are staring us in the face right now and quit meddling in our personal lives. If you don’t have enough to keep you busy, then maybe all you politicos should start working more than 145 days a year for the salary that you get.  Think about it hard, Senator; because unlike the President, you will face re-election again (and so will your party.) Merry Christmas!



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3 comments to An Open Letter To Gun-Grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein

  • Terry

    Senator Feinstein was re-elected with a large majority of the voters in the People's Republic of California, and probably would be into infinity if she were able to last that long, since they have no clue and only want the handouts that the Democratic party provides. They haven't figured out that there is an eventual end to the largess when the totalitarians have their fondest wish to control everything from Mount Olympus, (Washington DC). They will and at least a part of the reason that Senator Feinstien wants absolute firearms control, not just "assault" weapons that she wouldn't recognize if they bit her is that then she and her fellow dictators in waiting would have the only weapons and they would have absolute control quite easily, just as all of the dictators in this world have had. Another possible reason for her aversion to firearms is the fact that she was on the court house steps with Harvey Milk when he was killed by a deranged competitor, Dan White. I think that she feels that if no one has any firearms that it would put a stop to the kind of killing that happened there, but of course that would not include her or her political allies!

  • Bill Darling

    The left is afraid that the populace who retains their 2nd Amendment rights will revolt again as we did against a British king in the 18th century. Proof of your assertion that an armed populace is shown by 2 points of history–the fact that the Japanese didn't try to attack our mainland in WWII because they knew the Americans were nearly universally armed and would have ended their charge in a heartbeat….and secondly, look at Switzerland where every household has a weapon from military training and must demonstrate ability annually. When was the last time Switzerland was invaded? NEVER for the same reason as stated relative to WWII and the Japanese.

  • Robert Berry

    As Muslim Terrorist are now known to be embedded in America Linked with the Mexican Drug Cartels with only one goal kill Americans and La Raza the Militant Marxist (owned by George Soros) has threatened to Kill Americans and take back the Western United States (Obama gave them millions with a promise of more?)..While the Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to destroy America (Obama gave them billions) And one million American women have been raped by Illegal Aliens (See Report: DHS) While the Black Panthers are now allowed to roam the streets….and Black on white crime has rising to an all time high (Gangs of Blacks beating people up)… I THINK I WILL HOLD ON TO MY WEAPONS…And no my weapons are NOT for hunting they are to protect myself and those I care about from criminals that Obama has allowed to enter our Country illegally while forcing us to pay the bill..($338 billion for illegal aliens alone) Billions for the Muslim Terrorist Brotherhood / Mexican Drug Cartels EXT….

    Do not give up weapons or rights for any reason…The Left has been trying this for years