Video: Michael Savage: Millions Of Illegal Aliens Elected Obama

Excellent radio commentary by Michael Savage aired on November 26…

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2 comments to Video: Michael Savage: Millions Of Illegal Aliens Elected Obama

  • upaces88

    There needs to be a massive boycott of all THOSE IN HOLLYWOOD who spoke out FOR Obama.
    Even as much as I liked Morgan Freeman, I will never see another of his movies.
    If you missed his Ad for Obama…the ENTIRE AD were lies.
    He (Paraphrase) said: "We can hear the machinery making cars running now. There are jobs…and he went on and on. And, everything he was said NOT TRUE."

    These people are who supporting him who make their $ from Hollywood or comedy acts… their performances need to be boycotted. No action necessary…just don't buy a ticket to the movie or the concert where anyone is performing who speaks out FOR obama.

    • upaces88

      When I was blogging on Yahoo Buzz several years ago, I ran into my first experience with Liberals.
      At first, I thought, "well, maybe they just don't understand"…so I would take the time to explain things to them.
      …again, and again, and AGAIN!
      I became very frustrated, so I decided I would ask in the Google Engine:
      This is what I got back.
      Yes, they are mentally ill:

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