Video: Romney Defeated Obama – If Not For Voter Fraud

Great video from the Jewish Task Force…

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5 comments to Video: Romney Defeated Obama – If Not For Voter Fraud

  • upaces88

    WE ALL KNEW that he didn't win. There was NO doubt about it.
    In Philadelphia, the NBPP was out in force… as well as what he is stating.
    In Ohio when voters went in to vote, they were told they "had already voted."
    Hundreds of people showed up in Vermont that didn't live there? OMG….there is no telling where else they voted!
    The Military Vote also didn't get in until the next day…and it was too late.

    • Keith_Brekhus

      You think Vermont which Obama won by about 30 pts would have won if not for fraud? Seriously??? And do you think one black dude standing outside an urban polling place in Philadelphia means "NBPP was out in force" ?

      • upaces88

        Keith, try using Google just once in a while. You are what is known as a "troll." And, no one is going to take the time to prove or disprove anything to a troll.

        • Keith Brekhus

          Hey I used google to find your site, but this video doesn’t provide any evidence of widspread voter fraud. It contains a bunch of baseless speculation. It includes, without evidence, the ridiculous comment that a bunch of black voters mysteriously showed up in Maine to vote for Obama. Maine was won by Obama by 107,000 votes (56-41 percent margin). Please tell me you don’t think fraudulent black voters swung Maine’s 4 insignificant electoral votes (in a safe blue state) for Obama. And if Democrats were busing black people in from Boston, don’t you think they would have sent them to a real swing state like New Hampshire at least?

  • Keith_Brekhus

    You haven't provided a single shred of credible evidence of widespread voter fraud. It appears your basic racially-charged argument is that because balck people work in election offices and because black people voted, this election is not legititimate. You really think African-Americans bussed form out of state is the reason Obama won Maine by double digits? You think Democrats would waster their time "cheating" in Maine which is not a swing state whne New Hampshire, a true swing state is next door?