Video: Terrorist Apologist Appointed Number 3 At DOJ

Wonder why the Obama administration announced yesterday that the Guantanamo Bay inmates will be coming to a town near you? Obama is “disgorging” mass murderers from Gitmo to be housed in jails right down the street from your house.

Two words: Tony West.

The same Tony West that provided free legal counsel to “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh in 2002. The same Tony West who is today the third in command at DOJ and in this role directly oversees litigation for the Gitmo detainees.

The term “treason” comes to mind…

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5 comments to Video: Terrorist Apologist Appointed Number 3 At DOJ

  • Guest

    Always a pleasure stopping by to p!ss all over your best efforts, Krissypoo.

  • UnitConverter

    I'm just shaking my head over here. There are no words for this.

  • james tibbs

    It's true that birds of a feather flock together, just look at the house of ILL repute, its full of Iranians, radical muslims, black panthers, and communists. And, can someone please tell me who the gray haired elderly man standing to Oblunder's left when he gave his smiley on TV. Tuesday, 11/27/2012.

  • Ghetto Ryder

    This is one reason why America is in trouble….!!! Scum attracks more scum….!!!

  • ccfonten

    You have got to be kidding!!! Not just under the radar, but in your face………….slap the American people in the face with your obvious hate of all that we stand for@