An Open Letter To The Republican “Leadership”

Cantor Boehner Republican Congress SC An Open Letter to the Republican Leadership

Mr Boehner, Mr Cantor, and all you other  so-called “leaders” of the Republican Party: you need to listen up. You lost an election that should have been a shoo-in for conservatives; yet you allowed the chance to slip away for, what I feel, are a couple of really lousy political reasons. I have personally watched two very wealthy, kind, compassionate, and successful businessmen lose their elections to people who had mismanaged their prospective offices terribly. One was here in Michigan, when Dick DeVos ran against Democrat incumbent Governor Jennifer Granholm. The other was Mitt Romney, when he ran against Barack Obama. The similarities are actually very striking. Both incumbents were in trouble in their prospective positions because of inaction on their part. Economically, Granholm had done NOTHING to fix Michigan’s jobless circumstances, nor had she improved Michigan’s business climate. Detroit, Michigan’s largest city, was facing financial default; and corruption ran rampant in their city government. The same was true nationally for Barack Obama, with a few international scandals thrown into the mix (Fast & Furious and Benghazi-gate.)

What mistakes have you all made? How about letting the Progressives define who you were instead of you letting the public see you as you all are, or should be. Republicans always react too slowly to negative advertising from the left. You Republicans almost always go into political battle thinking that the Marquis of Queens-berry rules apply, when the Progressives are looking for a bare knuckle contest…no holds barred! Republicans almost always allow the Democrats to weasel out of having to talk FACTS about their ideas and agenda. Republicans have forgotten how to wage political war on the Progressives, as opposed to caving in to their lies and false accusations like whipped puppies.

The Republican “elite” didn’t understand the significance of the losses inflicted on the incumbent Progressive Republican candidates; and instead of helping to educate, finance, and encourage the Tea Party usurpers, they got mad and turned their backs on those people. You Republicans had a great opportunity to capture a couple more Senate seats as well as increase your numbers in the House of Representatives, but your egos and pettiness got in the way. Congressman Allen West lost his seat to fraud and corruption, so where were you “leaders” in preventing this?

You so-called “leaders”, Mr Boehner, are all too eager to let the “Mainstream Media’ define events with their spin instead of giving American citizens the chance to hear the truth. I know there are ways around the media to take your message directly to the American public because Ronald Reagan did it! You allow the MSM to define too often what their version of issues are (usually with a left-leaning tilt).

You guys in the Republican leadership always seems to be way too worried about looking badly in public. Leadership is always looking for a compromise even before the Progressives offer ANYTHING. We’re headed for a fiscal cliff? Good, let’s go over it and show the American people how Obama really isn’t looking out for the American people. The Progressives’ ONE major demand is to raise tax rates on those making over $250k a year, which will do absolutely NOTHING to reduce the deficit in this country. Let the American people, for once, watch the irresponsible Progressives cause the economic train wreck that they could have prevented long ago. Demand NO tax hikes on ANYONE without at least a 10-1 spending cut to tax increase ratio. Make the spending cuts first so that the Progressives cannot weasel out of those cuts like they have every other time they’ve made that deal. The Progressives will say anything to get their tax increases, yet refuse to stop spending money this country no longer has. Let them explain to hardworking taxpayers why they refuse to be fiscally responsible. Let the Progressives explain why they refuse to stop borrowing 40 cents of every dollar spent from China, a nation that is NOT our friend!

You guys need to put an end to Progressives calling Tea Party members “extremists and bigots” because if you would take the time to look at Obama and his crew of Chicago thugs, you would realize that it is the Socialists trying to defame American patriots using scare tactics. I ask that you get a spine, Mr. Boehner. Defund Planned Parenthood along with Obamacare and the EPA. If you’re not willing to protect our Constitution, Mr. Boehner, then why are you even in the leadership?

Ronald Reagan was a gentleman and a great President. He knew how to get the conservative message out to the people despite the media’s best attempts at trying to make him out to be a buffoon. He didn’t take any garbage from anybody, yet he knew how to sit down with the late Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill and reach an agreement on things that were good for the nation. The Republican Party needs to ditch the country club/elitist mentality they have, take off the gloves, and start fighting for this country while there is still a country worth fighting for. If you like being permanently in the minority,  just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working perfectly. Merry Christmas.


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3 comments to An Open Letter To The Republican “Leadership”

  • jonodough

    the first time boehner went to play golf with obama, i knew he was a sellout. he's just another spineless self serving politician. he's a complete p*ssy. he will do nothing to rock the boat. cya is all he is about. just another waste of space collecting a fat salary for doing nothing.

  • Jeanette

    I read a report earlier today (among a bunch of things I read, so I don't remember where I saw it) that 30 years ago, the Republicans made an agreement with the Democrats that they would never investigate election fraud, regardless of any circumstances.

    It struck me that this is not only why we have heard little or nothing on that subject, but it is also why the Republicans will not even discuss the issue of questions about Obama's eligibility. If Obama got in on hidden documents, lies about his background and connections with criminals and America-haters, and ACORN election acrobatics, then that was election fraud and the agreement prevents Republicans from investigating.

    This is the only example I have seen of any such agreement. I can't help but wonder if they made other agreements which might explain their otherwise incredibly mysterious behaviors in the last decade or so.

    • Dan Stewart

      I too read about this agreement, supposedly it would be a crime for the repubs to suggest voter fraud by the dems. This needs to be brought out so the public can see & the repubs need to challenge it in court. As bad as the supreme court is, I think they would nulify it. In the meantime the repubs should investigate the massive voter fraud, the slime stream media would scream racism, but big deal, get the facts out & the decent people will carry it forward. Meantime, obummer is NOT qualified to be potus, he is not natural born, his father was not & never was a US citizen, this makes his place of birth irrelevent. Again, the slime stream media screams racism. I'm tired of that word.