Video: Benghazi Bimbo Susan Rice Has Ties To Iran

When Obama rails against the 99% with Warren Buffett at his side crying that the wealthy should “pay their fair share,” oddly the name Susan Rice doesn’t come up. It’s odd because Rice is the wealthiest staff member in the Executive Department, amassing in the neighborhood of forty million dollars.

Where do these millions of dollars pour in from?

You should take a look at her financial disclosure form. It’s like reading War and Peace. She has an endless number of investments in companies throughout the world. But one of her soft spots is companies that do investments with Iranian companies, especially those that buy Iran’s billions of barrels in crude oil.

So the next time Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vows to annihilate Israel with a nuclear bomb, you can thank Susan Rice.

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15 comments to Video: Benghazi Bimbo Susan Rice Has Ties To Iran

  • c0ndo

    "Benghazi Bimbo??" wow, you asswipe teabillies keep sinking to new lows. Is this how you motivate your braindead, racist base to send you more of their money? Fuck you.

    • BEK

      Hey Condom, back at you!!! POS!! Ever notice how everyone's a racist according to your Marxist playbook. Deamonize, Deamonize Deamonize. Straight out of Marx & Alynsky. Dickhead!!! Can't wait for you lefties to come for my guns, cause you'll gett'em…BULLETS FIRST!!!

      • Guest

        Hey Bek…when you get finished banging your cousin to make more offspring, learn to spell. It's "demonize," you POS backwoods knob. I don't need to come for your guns, sap…you're already disarmed.

        • Lisa

          Are you sure you want to go there? Misspellings are not exclusive to those of us on the right. Ever wonder why we're called "the right"? It's not just a noun, it's an adjective, as in "out in left field". Or conservative are right And maybe (if you haven't already), try reading Saul Alynsky's "Rules for Radicals" as well as some of Marx's oh so enlightening ideas. Here is one statement attributed to Alynsky (a community organizer/agitator; seems like that's one of our president's most well known job qualifications): "Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer."

          — Saul Alinsky

    • BobBartoe

      Ahhhh, the Communist rep. We are in this place, between muslim and armegeddon because you idiot progressives know nothing about politics. It's all a big beauty pageant to you idiots and the people you use as point are Hillary Clinton and Rice. What losers. With God's help we will relegate you fools to the sandboxes you deserve. And, NO PROFANITY!!!! You can't read well enough to interpret those little symbols called letters. God save us, please.

    • john

      …careful…..your ignorance is showing!!

    • wcouch


    • azjen

      You are talking like children do in grade school. Have you ever had any education? You sure don't sound like it!! I bet you are in the basement typing this in your underwear. I have heard about people like you. Sad…really sad.

    • whit

      So condo…. You kind hearted hypocritical liberals are so loving and caring you simply want good for everyone. Bull crap ! You are typical of your kind. You act like you are all about helping the masses meanwhile if someone disagrees with you come off with all your vitriol. I love it when you show your true colors and spout off like this. It simply shows who you really are. Good for you.



  • john

    …!! duh!! skank hillary has her "iranian dog", rice? of couarse!! what intellegent personell , ok this tradgetry?

  • james tibbs

    There are several middle easterners in the house of ill repute. This has been known for sometime, just read the book titled The Rookie.

  • sylviam

    If this was an aversge person, we would get put in prison for aiding the enemy. But let OBAMA, Susan RICE, just to name a few, and they get a ROYAL PAT ON THE BACK and a nice CUSHEY JOB making MILLIONS of dollars for BANKROLLING THEM TERRORISTS. HOW, SWEET AND FUZZY that is. They are no only LIARS BUT THIEVES as well since OBAMA STOLE the ELECTION.
    I will NOT vote again until someone with a REAL set of BALLS steps up and proves THEMSELVES to be the ONE and ONLY that can and WILL do something about all the CORRUPTION and get the thieves and Liars out of the WHITE HOUSE.