Video: Congressman: Muslim Brotherhood Advising Obama Admin

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) believes that the Obama Administration has Muslim Brotherhood members advising them.

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1 comment to Video: Congressman: Muslim Brotherhood Advising Obama Admin

  • upaces88

    And, there is so much more! There are "54" Politicians that have taken Campaign $ from CAIR as well as HAMAS.
    See if your representative is here on the list (Add in Nancy Pelosi who took $ AFTER the list was compiled):

    Whether you like Newt Gingrich or Michelle Bachman isn't the issue. They were THE ONLY TWO people who spoke out against the Muslim Infiltration in Our Federal Government; and they were kicked to the curb…to make room for Romney. Romney jumped on the same band wagon as the other "54." He didn't take $ from them. He didn't need it. What did he do?
    He had a plan to use U.S. Tax $ to fund a "Charter School for Islamists". Islam IS a religion. There is a division of Religion and State. What would happen if a politician spoke out saying he/she intended to use U.S. Tax $ to fund a Charter School for Christians? Buddhists? etc.???

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