Does The U.S. Constitution Even Matter Anymore?

constitution dead Does the U.S. Constitution Even Matter Anymore?

It has become abundantly clear that our Constitution is having less and less to do with governing our country. It would appear that “we the people” have lost our power to govern under our Republic. America has fast become catagorized as a democracy (a country ruled by a few who were placed in power.)

How has this been accomplished, you ask? This has been a long and patient process that was planned and carried out by the communists and socialists on the left. It has taken at least 100 years for them to get this far. So far, their plan has panned out perfectly.

This plan is multi-faceted, so please bear with me. It starts with education, or lack thereof. Michelle Obama stated it perfectly. She said that we must change our history and our traditions. Has anyone heard about the attacks on the FEDERAL holiday of Christmas? Has anyone heard about our children being taught that the great Patriots of the Boston Tea Party were nothing more than terrorists? How about Thanksgiving? Our children are now taught that the new world settlers were only occupiers who brought death, disease, and slavery to the indigenous people of this land.

Now lets look at the legal standpoint. The US Constitution was originally written as the ultimate rule of law, in which our freedoms are guaranteed. By brainwashing the electorate and not educating them properly, people now believe that the Constitution can be overridden by laws passed by liberal/communist bodies and upheld by liberal/communist judges. Examples of this would include the Proposition 8 battle in California. The people voted against it; and because it wasn’t the outcome that the liberals/communists wanted, they took the case to court in an attempt to override the will of the people. Another example would be the several attempts that have been made over the past ten years by the US Congress to pass a law that would circumvent  the Constitution regarding Presidential Eligibility (Article one, Section four). These attempts are all documented in the federal congressional record; and shockingly enough, most of the same players are involved in each attempt.

The bottom line is this: the Republic is DEAD! We the people have lost our power to govern. We now merely exist in what is a shell of a Democracy, where a select few have all of the power over us. Our country is in dire need of a Constitutional Reset as was prescribed in our ORIGINAL FOUNDING DOCUMENTS. We can either continue to sleep through this communist takeover of our nation, or we can STAND and usher in the reset. The choice is clear. Until the time arrives, stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

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10 comments to Does The U.S. Constitution Even Matter Anymore?

  • upaces88

    YES! It means MORE now than ever. Our Country is so torn up that we do have a Blue Print to work with.
    We wouldn't be in this mess in the first place had it been adhered to in the first place; BUT! he knew that.

    HE KNEW that Our Foundation (guidelines) was something he would have to attack and try to shred!

  • wcouch

    Well the democrap's new just how to take this country down. There's a dead communist his name was Marion Matton Thomas who ran for the presidency back in the late 50's and early 60's under the communist party banner, but he gave up this fight because he said "don't have to run anymore, the democrats have taken up my platform".

  • AMJ

    I have been a registered R since I voted for Reagan. The Rs have thrown the eligibility requirement away. McCain was not eligible, Rubio is not. Santorum was not. I’m out. I will register independent next. I will stay home if I don’t like the next. If there is a next. To be honest I don’t think we will survive the Muslim.

  • upaces88

    Actually? McCain was. He was born in a Naval Hospital which is like sovereign soil.

  • AMJ

    Ever hear of Herb Titus? He is with a big law firm. He has been a Dean at 4 Univesities teaching constutional law. Google his name, read his bio, very impressive. Then google his name / McCain. You will see that he says McCain was not eligible. He is currently hired by Art2superpac trying to get Obama out. They meet alot of resistance from the R Party. The Rs know if Obama gets tossed because of his eligibilty then many of the R party may go to prison. The Rs are scared to death. They don’t care about us.

  • AMJ

    That is why FoxNews covers up and don’t report on all the ballot challenges. After u google Art2superpac then google Obama ballot challenge. Then google ObamaReleaseYourRecords. You will find alot of stuff there about Obama’s eligibility that FoxNews hasn’t been telling you. I am furious at Fox. If they would report any of this Obama would have been out along time ago. Fox is involved in the biggest coverup in history. Also google Orly Taitz.

  • AMJ

    Oops, forgot one. Google Larry Clayman ballot challenge

  • AMJ

    Sorry, thats Klayman, not Clayman

    • WatchingandWaiting

      I so agree about voting INDEPENDENT. I did, for Laurie Roth
      and the other candidate, whose name I can never spell
      correctly, was Thomas McClearan.. sorry, I know that is
      incorrect; would have to go look it up.

      Those two are on the same wave length, and are Americans
      through and through. I wish they had been able to fund their campaigns
      so that the majority of voters would have known about them.

      As it is, we have the bottom of the barrel: two rotten-to-the-core
      parties, and nowhere else to turn, even as it is, the monster
      made it into the WH again, due to nefarious deeds of many
      who are culpable. He needs to be tossed into the
      pit. That day will come but if it isn't during our
      lifetimes, it will be during his lifetime. What more can
      we hope for, unless all of America goes into warp speed
      and revolts; that would be the way to go. Revolution
      that makes the French Revolution look like a
      Halloween Party.

  • AMJ

    WnW if a 3rd party is ever to have a chance they will have to get their own news network. The D party has the MSM and Fox is in the tank for the R establishment.