Video: Sarah Palin On Fire- Nukes Rice, Carney, And Obama

Palin appeared on “On the Record” last night to do what she does best: putting Obama administration officials in their place.

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7 comments to Video: Sarah Palin On Fire- Nukes Rice, Carney, And Obama

  • Marine68

    The Governor correctly pointed out that Rice offered no apology to the American People, but perhaps she missed that criminals only apologize, if at all, just as they are sentenced. I would say that because good Americans died, because bad ones refused or failed to act in protecting them by deliberate design, all actors in the crime should charged and punished with Capital punishment .

    • Guest

      "The Governor"?

      You mean the brainless media wh0re who walked away from her office to sell books and get rich running a sham campaign for morons like you?

      • StanG

        I can tell you are a touchy feely obamoron

        • icecream

          …and a jelous one, at that…..

          • WatchingandWaiting


            "Guest" is one of the illiterates . .he may be able to spell
            but his brain is dysfunctional when it comes to
            comprehending the details of politics and the
            foreshadowing of what is to come down the
            briar path.

            Actually, he is to be pitied; he does not have any
            normal feelings nor insight into what is good
            vs. what is evil.

            However, that day WILL come and he will
            regret every single misconception that he
            has tossed into the arena.

  • AMJ

    If Sarah don’t get away from FoxNews she will soon lose her conseratism. Since the Saudi Prince bought into Fox they are paid to silence the conservative. Romney was no conservative. Did you see Herman Cain, Rick Perry, or any other conservative out stumping for Romney? NO.

  • AMJ

    If u didn’t already stop watching Fox I hear last night that Heraldo said he voted for Obama. That alone is enough to boycott Fox. They still refuse to report any of the court cases against O. They won’t even say he is a Muslim. Please!!!