You Know You’re A Communist When…

Obama Communist SC You Know Youre A Communist When...

Here’s a simple question: At what point do you know you’re a communist?

As a strongly principled Conservative/Libertarian, I feel like I could easily recognize other strongly principled Conservatives and Libertarians because their views fall similar to mine.

Using this logic, shouldn’t one communist be able to identify another communist? Better yet, wouldn’t someone who lived through Communism be able to identify a communist leader?

I think the answer is yes, and there is some frightening (only if you haven’t realized it yet) proof.

Recently an opinion article appeared in Pravda (a Russian newspaper), by a relatively unknown writer, Xavier Lerma.

Let me start out by saying that after doing a little research on Xavier, I have found that he is not a Communist, Socialist, or Marxist. He is a Conservative, but of Russian standards of course, with a true love for Vladimir Putin. If you read the column, you would catch on quickly to his favorable bias towards Putin.

While the column contains extreme spin and favorability towards Putin, everything that Xavier said about America and Obama is true – well, mostly true:

Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society, and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them. He gives speeches of peace and love in the world while he promotes wars as he did in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. He plans his next war with Iran as he fires or demotes his generals who get in the way.

What about this isn’t true? Except for the ‘illiterate society’ comment, this paragraph expresses some of my feelings with the reelection of Obama to a tee.

Why do we study history?

We study history in an attempt to learn from it and (to the best of our ability) not commit the same mistakes twice. However, we almost never learn from history, and we always commit the same mistakes twice.

Xavier gets history, though. He has learned from the past of the nation that he holds near and dear to his heart, and he is strongly against Russia committing those same mistakes twice.

Xavier knows that communism doesn’t work, nor does socialism. Xavier knows that low taxes are the way to go. And finally, Xavier knows that faith, morals, and strong principles are the key to prosperity.

History tells us these things, and this is why Xavier is able to exploit all of Obama’s mistakes. Not only is Obama and his administration not learning from history, but they are going in the direction of a “Soviet Plan”, something of which we know does not work. History tells us this.

The American media should be covering this story – its news. But they aren’t going to; that’s why you probably haven’t even heard about it. Because American media doesn’t report the news anymore.

However, when Glenn Beck says something that is deemed to be “politically incorrect”, he is persecuted by the media.

What’s the difference between Beck’s thoughts on America and Xavier’s?

Nothing, and that’s why the media isn’t covering this story.

I suggestion you click on the link and read the column. It could do without all of the favorability towards Putin, but Xavier’s views about Obama and the current state of America are Right. On. Point.

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8 comments to You Know You’re A Communist When…

  • Gizmo

    What's wrong with the "illiterate society" statement!?!?! The society that elected O & the ones who refused to get off their asses and DO something about him are illiterate at least as far as History & worldview goes. I think that we can safely say that at least 2/3 of those who voted for this man have no understanding or study of any history unless it be the biased limited diatribe passed off as education today. I can about guarantee that NONE of them have read or discussed anything past maybe a Jr. Hi. text book.

  • wcouch

    All of this is the result of the dope smoking hippies of the 60's & 7o's, and it's going to take several generations to fix, it if it can. There's nothing any body can do about it. A nation of coruption is the way of the U S of A, and I never thought that I would see in my life time. The POS in the WH, is a lying sharalton, His tax # is (was) stolen from Connecticut when the person died, POS's grandmother found it in the obitz relating to the date and time barry was born in Kenya. There's more but a later time

  • Obama got 4 more years because 49% of Americans are presently on the public Teat. When you add in the Idiots who think he really is the Messiah thats probably another 15% to 20% and I doubt that Jesus Christ himself could have beat him!!!!!!

  • Paul427

    Although Chris, the author, makes some excellent points and draws a very instructive parallel, I'd have to say that I don't agree that American society is not illiterate. Although many read (at probably a 5th grade or lower level), the populace at large is functionally illiterate. American society as it is, demands a much more sophisticated wherewithal for each of its citizens. It does not exist. Even journalists fail to make meaningful connections (apparently by virtue of their inability to reason or by their emotional rejection of a more sophisticated course because it is rooted in notions of fundamental morality).

  • Paul427

    Is the functional illiteracy due simply to poor schooling? In part, it is. Although I am critical of the so-called "university training" that produces a modern day "bachelor of science" in journalism (a true "b.s." if there ever was one), much of the reason for their failure to critically assess and report is a moral problem. Being products of the "pagan" societal practice that grew up in the 60's, flourished steadily in the 70's, and finally broke out into full-blown hedonism in the 80's and 90's, they seem to resist any hint of personal moral responsibility or code of conduct.

  • Paul427

    Many journalists seem to extend this to a full rejection of anyone who has adopted such in their own life. Instead, they transfer moral responsibility to concerns for environmental issues (sustainability is the in vogue term), or the means by which people must defend themselves (fire arms or even a full rejection of the military). Only acts of terror seem to shake some sensibility into them from time to time. Before long however, they seem to go right back to the pagan altar, rejecting morality and re-corrupting their reporting.

  • anon

    A Libertarian who can't recognize that Libertarianism grew out of 4 different marxist groups?