Video: BREAKING! Two Huge Announcements On BHO’S Eligibility!

A lawsuit against Obama’s eligibility previously dead in its tracks is now moving forward due to some surprising developments.

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4 comments to Video: BREAKING! Two Huge Announcements On BHO’S Eligibility!

  • Dan Stewart

    I pray this comes to pass. The judge better hire a few body guards if he is serious about taking this lawsuit, "accidents" have happened to many other people that went against the chicago mob.

  • Carol

    I can't ever see this happening because there will be to many lives in danger but that is the way I feel.

    • guest

      Just keep putting your head in the sand. The powers that be do not care about lives. They care about absolute power.
      Go back and read more history on Hitler. This country is following his example. Also, check out the first graduates of the Homeland security army.

  • Helen

    Obama needs to be exposed for the "sheep" that has voted for him to see what kind of a Deceitful, pathological Liar, Traitor sent in to destroy America. He is ineligible and not a U. S. citizen, who should be removed from occupying the WH as soon as possible. He is a National Security risk and just all around evil. He should be sent to prison for the rest of his life.