Video: Obama Trying To Ban Semi-Automatic Weapons

Obama is secretly trying to ban semi-automatic weapons under the guise that they can easily be made into automatic weapons. This is a false argument and will lead to a government confiscation of hundreds of thousands of weapons held by law-abiding citizens.

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7 comments to Video: Obama Trying To Ban Semi-Automatic Weapons

  • Guest

    Always a pleasure to follow the daily offerings of my favorite little right-wing scumsucker. Krissy-Boo-Boo here hopes someday to take his place among yhe discredited liars like Stone and Atwater, because there's money to be made lying to rubes. There's no proof at all for this charge about guns, right Krissy? Thought so. Who needs proof?

    • BEK

      Hey D*ckhead. being an originalist right winger is better than being a left wing commie scumsucker!! At least we suck off of the RIGHT side of the Constitutional teet. I think you suck off the hanging teet, you know, the one facing the floor!! You never bring anything of substance to the debate, just the same old same old demonization, straight from Marx & Alynsky. Now do us all a favor, dry up & blow away

  • SammysDad

    "The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." — (Thomas Jefferson)

  • Carol

    This horrible man Barry Soetoro has to be stopped TODAY he wants to take away all of our rights one at a time and people don’t wake up and smell the roses that is exactly what will happen.

  • Carol

    Guns scare the heck out of me but NOBODY has a right to take away our rights to bare arms and I mean NOBODY and that is a fact.

  • Dan Stewart

    This pos potus is in for a big surprise if he tries to take our guns. He will get them, barrel first. I think the majority of the 100+ million gun owners feel the same way. The military? I think 98% will be on our side.

  • willyr

    REMEMBER HITLER /////?/////////////////