Charity Begins At Home

US Flag 3 SC Charity Begins At Home

Black conservatives, traditionalists and other concerned stakeholders of all stripes have a golden opportunity now that Election 2012 has ended.

Working in the inner city is our beach head. While I favor the GOP, my over riding concern is the moral and material resurrection of Black culture and the inner city.

White sisters and brothers have a stake in this process, but the lions share of it is ours alone. That’s not a racist assessment. It’s a realist one summed up by the old saying, ” charity begins at home.”

Conservatives, traditionalists and other concerned stakeholders already deploy faith-based, civic and individual efforts against the vulgarity, violence and hopelessness spewing from our culture and its gaping wound, the inner city.

We need to network these efforts better since the foreseeable future promises no relief. Our moral and material resurrection is the fabled balm in Gilead sought for generations.

A Black president should be filed away as a historic footnote while redoubling private attempts to preside better over the mess we’ve inherited.

Challenging municipal, county and state leadership over hot button urban priorities like education and public safety await aggressive, coordinated action.

The irony is this won’t be a solely Black conservative project. For instance, most Black school choice proponents are inner city Democrats acting independent of teachers unions or even elected officials.

A recent Journey For Justice 2012 march on DC wasn’t led by black Republicans. It was the brainchild of Democratic Chicago education activists, from Obama’s district no less, networking with big city counter parts to protest urban public school closures supported by the US Department of Education.

Black conservatives who haven’t already should join forces with this faction attacking failed majority Black school systems and bureaucrats enabling them.

Community exclusion from charter school governance is a reform flash point. Residents complain about toothless advisory committees and lack of a quorum of these institution’s boards.

Real community oversight of charter school executive functions and relative lack of black owned charter operators being granted contracts in majority black districts are home rule issues community conservatives can appreciate.

My time with otherwise liberal New Orleans education reformers has been very rewarding. Our battle for smarter, safer
charter schools with real community oversight is key to creating smarter, safer inner cities.

Crime prevention is another area enjoying broad coalition support. Most of the black men foot patrolling dangerous neighborhoods are Democrats.

Their major point of demarcation with their party is eschewing police ( government ) as the primary public safety provider in favor of a more active community security role.

Under the auspices of community oriented policing this more active role is theoretically welcome. My experience has been black citizen patrols are often viewed skeptically but eventually as accepted.

Speculation includes racism and the rarity of such activism as probable causes, The Nation of Islam’s decades-long street outreach and Rev Al Sharpton’s recent Occupy The Corners initiative are prime examples.

Other notable inner city anti-crime coalitions include the late Herman Wrice Mantua Against Drugs; Concerned Black Men; Mad Dads; Security Dads and the now-defunct Detroit 300.

Detroit 300 began in February 2012, Black History Month ironically enough, and achieved great success in tracking down rape suspects and other serious threats.

When one of their members was murdered this June, the group lost its cohesion as grief proved the one foe they couldn’t defeat.

Detroit 300 was singular in its no-nonsense focus on declaring black men preying on the community their “… enemy- period! ‘ to quote its co-founder at their first press conference.

Street conservatives will find ready allies in a non-partisan crusade against ills the right usually decries from the safety of hotel or conference room podiums.

My years as a street traditionalist whom conservative personality Sonnie Johnson finally convinced to join the conservative fold, have been fruitful.

The message of personal responsibility, old school values, not accepting criminality as the only inner city identity and mutual aid is preached by Black conservatives, traditionalists and other concerned stakeholders alike.

Groups like Hood Conservatives and online site Move On’s various real world affiliates have more black conservatives hitting the streets.

Charity begins at home and those active in the Hood need more boots on the ground.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
” When will Black folks be Bold again?”

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