Video: Finally, A Judge Who Can Save America!

Maybe you’ve heard about him recently…

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3 comments to Video: Finally, A Judge Who Can Save America!

  • yogiman

    I hope this judge doesn't back off like all other judges before him. He could go down in history as Obama's exposer.

    • Bill Z

      Judge Lewis will have to stand in line – Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. has secured a supena form Judge Wingate in Mississippi – ordering that the Occidental Records (all of them) be delivered to Dr. Taitz. Also, The California Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguements/evidence on BHO's lack of eligibility. And also, Judge Reid in Indiana has agreed with Dr. Taitz to vacate the hearing/motion presentations from BHO's attornys so she can proceed with this eligibilityhearing.
      Bill Z.

  • TruthandFreedom

    Also Judge Moore, Pro – Constitution and Pro = TEN COMMANDMENTS!!! Three judges… let's get vases before them now!!! NOT 3 years from now!!!!