Video: Will Obama’s Presidential Library Be In Chicago Or In Kenya?

Mark Levin raises a great question on his radio show…

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1 comment to Video: Will Obama’s Presidential Library Be In Chicago Or In Kenya?

  • Dan

    A while back I purchased an old English phone booth from a dealer in London, England. I had it shipped over here and finished refurbishing it for the Obama Presidential Library. I replaced all the clear glass with translucent tempered glass to go along with his transparent administration theme. Added was a 5 dollar money collector to open the door and see what is inside. I have it stuffed with everything from his life which is not sealed. A golf ball, the books he has written and a few pictures of him from magazines. The curb in front of it will be painted yellow as it should only take a few minutes to view what is inside. It will be a great honor to have it moved to Chicago, Kenya or Hawaii with his name on it. It should be a fitting rememberence of his term of office. Looking for donations now to rent the flatbed truck to haul it where ever needed.

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