An Open Letter To Republicans In Congress

Republican Elephant 2 SC An Open Letter to Republicans in Congress

Dear Fellow Republicans:

Having been a GOP member for over fifty-five years, I wish this letter could begin with “Thanks for your service.” But you need to know some of the reasons why there is such a feeling of disdain among many of us:

6) BENGHAZI – You’ve spent weeks hung up on who altered the talking points. Time is of the essence, and we are waiting for you to get to the heart of this tragedy. We want and deserve to know who gave the order to “stand down”. You seem to be poised to let the clock run so that you can move on to the next topic (say, “fiscal cliff” or whatever) and let this travesty just fade away.

5) MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD occurred in the presidential election, which likely was stolen. Abundant documented proof exists, and We the People fear that there will never again be an honest election. What do we hear from you? Crickets. Dead silence. You are brushing it aside and moving on. You just cannot be bothered. Shame!

4) FAST & FURIOUS is becoming old history, and your attempts to be effective have fallen far short of what we expected. Your investigative efforts have no teeth and are going nowhere. We see it, and we know it. Double shame !

3) OBAMACARE is going to literally kill Americans and the country’s economy. You all in the House have talked big about cutting funding in order to “starve the beast.” You, no doubt, will cave on this, too. All we hear are whimpers from wimps. Sorry.

2) IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES BY OBAMA have been committed during the last four years – egregious and unconstitutional power grabs, blatant disregard for the rule of law, treasonous actions, etc. etc. – and yet none of you has been serious about commencing impeachment proceedings in the House. Millions of us have concluded that it is FEAR. You fear riots, media ridicule, and last but not least the potential loss of your cushy positions, power, perks (including exclusion from Obamacare), privileges, and lifelong pensions.

It just might cost you something to save the country from destruction. (Now that’s a novel idea. You ought to read quotes from our Founding Fathers.)

1) In JANUARY 2009, Congress convened to accept the electoral votes. Nary a single one of you said a “mumblin’ word” and submitted an objection to the election of Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) Legally, it was incumbent upon you to have done so. We knew he was not constitutionally qualified to be President, and we know that you knew it.

Later, one of the Congressional attorneys submitted talking points to all of you so that you could calm our fears. We didn’t buy it because we know the truth. Fraudulent birth certificates; sealed scholastic, medical, and passport records; Marxist and Islamic affiliations; and Chicago gangster-style politics are hard to overlook. Somehow, though, you all managed to brush it off completely.
Your failure to act in January 2009, is at the root of why we are in terrible crisis today.

America is heading horrendously downward, and you congressional Republicans are “fiddling while Rome burns.”

Don’t think for one minute that you all are safe in your D.C. ivory towers. Wimps, cowards, and self-servers in the ruling class are among the first to be liquidated in a Marxist and/or Islamic dictatorship. Read history.

“When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2

We the People are mourning today.

Yours very truly,

Caroline Biederman


Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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5 comments to An Open Letter To Republicans In Congress

  • AMJ

    This letter hit the nail on the head. I pray they read it out loud on the House floor and DO SOMETHING!

  • AMJ

    It may be moe than the blacks. This country is full of terrorist cells. We don’t know what kind of threats they’ve made. But still his done enough impeachable crimes. He has got to go. One way or the other.

  • Jeanette

    You're wasting your time. The Republicans made a legal agreement never to challenge the Democrats in a case of election fraud – about thirty years ago. They tried to get out of the agreement in 200, but – SUPRISE – the black Democrat Obama-appointed judge ruled in favor of the Democrats.

    The Republicans (and the media) have withheld this information for thirty years now, because the Republicans didn't want to be dissolved, and the Democrats wanted to keep that advantage over the opposition party.

    The only chance to investigate voter fraud is to disband the Republicans and replace them with another party – a party which has signed no such agreement.

    Meanwhile, a lot of their weasily behavior starts to make sense in light of that agreement.

  • Michelle

    I couldn't have said it better myself, as in the open letter to congress. Unfortunately the people are losing, the party won't lose as long as they maintain their perks. But if you are going to go out, why not go out with a fight and your principles intact?
    I think it is time for another big protest in DC however, we would be protest both Congress and Senate. I think a grass roots movement to have Congress cut their pay and benefits in order to save the debt would be in order. There is no point in protesting the President as he is acting like our King.

  • Jerry Poythress