Time For A New “Us Vs. Them” Strategy

Republican Democrat SC Time For A New Us vs. Them Strategy

I am a conservative. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. The less ‘offensive’ translation is that I am a born-again believer. The even more watered-down version is simply that I am a Christian. To water my life down any lower would have me simply claim to be an American citizen (‘legal,’ of course) who is so sorry for all of the wrongs I, or any other American who took the land away from the Indians, have committed.

Sorry, but I am simply sick and tired of being a watered-down politically correct human being. In looking at the current political “song and dance” script being played out in Washington, especially after the pathetic reality of the November 6th election — that the Democrat machine was far more organized than the wimp GOP counterpart and that the union clout had an impact (not to even hint at ‘rigging’), I am convinced that the values in which many of us still profess to believe are in deep trouble.

In searching for stories to post on my own website, it sickens me to see how widespread and deep the government corruption is at all levels. As conservatives, it is easy and convenient to blame those nasty liberals and progressives – those corrupt Democrats. But, if you view the landscape from the opposite side, there is an equal amount of blame to go around in chastising those evil, corrupt, and self-serving career-opportunist conservatives.

The truth is that BOTH liberals and conservatives have created the disgusting mess we are in as a nation; and both liberal and conservative politicians have gotten fat, flabby, and powerful on the backs of both conservative and liberal Americans who are simply trying to “do what is right” in raising their families in an uncertain world. These opportunist politicians have played the ‘divide and conquer’ game quite well, pitting American against American – the poor against the rich (the fabricated ‘99% versus the 1%’), the union against the non-union, the male against the female, the gay against the straight, the citizen against the illegal, and even the white against the black and Hispanic.

The one person who could pull us all together as AMERICANS is our President, Barack Hussein Obama. Sadly, he has a track record of dividing, not unifying – for obviously partisan political reasons. If a leader who pledged at the beginning of his first term to provide the most TRANSPARANT ADMINISTRATION ever is now completely silent on such an empty pledge, then the battle – the REAL battle – would appear to be, as it always has been, up to US – as in unified United States citizens, both conservative and liberal, who simply want what is best for our country (whether it earns any government “free stuff” for us or not). Career politicians cannot comprehend such a completely AMERICAN concept.

Maybe it is time for all of us Americans to shed our labels and loyalties (Democrat-vs-Republican, conservative-vs-liberal, union-vs-non-union), and all of the other divisive political games played by both parties over the years to divide us, and unite in making the new “them” all of those who have pitted us against one another simply to elevate themselves.

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