Video: US Debt – Visualized In Physical $100 Bills

Keep in mind that the money in this video has already been spent…

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3 comments to Video: US Debt – Visualized In Physical $100 Bills

  • blueglas

    Americans (that leaves-out the impostor-fraud-closet-muslime-public enemy #1-in-chief occupying OUR White House): the obummer saboteur of our Country has piled-on the tower columns of debt from our Statue of Liberty from "chest-high-and-above". Picture another "four years of destruction" under ovomit. The columns of financial abyss of debt will surround and put the "roof" onto the "prison of debt" built by the obummer in his despicable conspiracy to destroy our Country in his rage against our Country !

  • Wes

    16 Trillion seconds is = 507,000 years!

  • AMJ

    Fox is already in the tank for Rubio. I can see that there will be another low turnout b/c me and many others will not vote for a ineligible candidate. Rubio is not eligible but if that’s who they want they will steal the primary for Rubio like they did for Romney then we lose again. If Holder runs in 2016 he will beat Rubio. So will Hillary. Republicans are stupid. Romney got 2.2 million less votes than McShame got. Obama stole the rest. You can’t force everyone to vote for somebody they don’t want. They will never learn.