My Christmas Prayer For All

2012christmasguide My Christmas Prayer for All

“C” is for the cities, who said we couldn’t pray
“H” is for the homeless, who are always in the way
“R” is for the ridicule that we endure every day
“I” is for Israel, where Jesus once did lay
“S” is for the Son of God, who was born this very day
“T” is for the transformation, offered to those in dismay
“M” is for the mountain top, from which to shout His name
“A” is a prayer for Athiests, who one day will feel the same
“S” is for our local schools,who will stop playing the game.


This, my friends, is my Christmas prayer. I pray that we take our message to a dying world. We must learn to live and let live, let go, and let God. Merry Christmas to all. As Always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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