Video: Save A Bug, Abort A Child

Why the unborn get less protection than some “endangered species” is beyond me…

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1 comment to Video: Save A Bug, Abort A Child

  • jonodough

    how is it ok to kill an unborn child but you go to jail if you kill your neighbor? the unborn child is completely unable to defend its life. i just don' t understand how killing a child isn't considered murder in our sick society. every single person who has murdered their children thru abortion, knows it in the depths of their souls. they can't live in peace and they know they will pay for it in death. you know, to all you athiests out there…the ten commandments have a purpose. they are a simple set of rules that if you follow them, your life will be relatively free of sadness, regret, fear. god gave them to us as a blueprint for a good life. when you disregard these basic truths, you will do bad things and have a bad life. merry christmas to all.

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