Americentrism: A Black “Ism” That Loves America

Nadra Enzi Americentrism: A Black Ism That Loves America

Many American Black philosophies indict our country for racist wrongs as if nothing had been done to correct them. An entire conservative school of thought has arisen identifying this as the prime motivator behind Obama’s domination of the Black vote.

Our coming of age in the mid-20th century devolved into grievance politics drowning out cries for full citizenship. This position makes America a distant captor from whom concessions must be demanded.

Every school of Black nationalism, Afrocentrism, and liberation theology inhabit this inflexible premise. Fortunately, not all of our philosophies are that way.

Americentrism (“Ameri” for short) is my term for recognizing our identity as part of the overall American one. It’s summed up perfectly by this opening comment from Reverend Jesse Lee Petersen’s radio show:

I don’t wear an Afro- I wear an Ameri-fro. Black as the ace of spades outside, but 100% American on the inside.

Americentrists made peace with the past and embrace the present: a present where racism isn’t the primary barrier to our forward motion.

As an Americentrist, my guiding principles are:

1. Duty: Don’t Hate America; help America. Being mad isn’t enough. We must be on the front lines preserving what makes this country great for all to benefit.

2. Identity: American Blacks aren’t outcasts. Black nationalism, Afrocentrism, and liberation theology brainwashed us into considering ourselves slaves; criminals are political prisoners, and color is a prison everyone is trapped in.

We’re not outcasts- we’re Americans and will successfully navigate this country once that realization becomes the center of our community.

3. Unity: While human bonds and sympathies can exist with others overseas; my first loyalty is to this country. This negates the “useful idiot” status for movements or nations hostile to America or her allies, namely Israel.

These three principles power the Americentric message of my “Make Peace With America ” presentations and informal street talks.

We’re Americans and Black at the same time- just like everybody else. Our particular history differs but separates us from America only if we choose to. Marching in socialist lock step makes us bitter, broke, and easily manipulated by those who despise traditional values because they keep Americans of any color free!

An Americentric Black community would have far less crime, single parent households, illiteracy, public vulgarity, and devotion to one political party and divisive ideologies.

It would return us to where we were when the civil rights movement gained momentum: a community rooted in America’s principles demanding equal rights- not special ones.

Americentrism is one Black “ism”, unlike Black nationalism, Afrocentrism, and liberation theology, that actually loves America for her good instead of hating her for past wrongs.


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1 comment to Americentrism: A Black “Ism” That Loves America

  • Jeanette

    The modern-day slaves are (mostly white) middle-class Americans. They are forced to live the definition of slavery – working for someone else against their will – for almost half of every year now. They are forced to do this their whole working lives – usually around half a century.

    But slavery is okay, as long as someone else is the slave. No wonder America is sliding in to the abyss.