The Sloppy Socialist

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When liberty lovers criticize socialism, it’s usually done in the abstract. We describe a clash of big ideas and systems, and this sometimes lacks the personal touch.

Instead of the usual political or philosophical arguments, I’m going to share an actual living, breathing example of this poisonous doctrine.

Notice I didn’t reach overseas for my example. Sadly, there are more than enough socialists born in America.

“Danny” (not his real name) is a self-described “democratic socialist” from Baltimore, MD. (Since Baltimore is known as a very violent, dysfunctional environment, is it any wonder it produced him?)

He’s a study in how annoying socialism is: loud, huge (6′ 4″ and over 300 lbs.), and oblivious were his chief characteristics.

I had the misfortune of being one of Danny’s roommates and rue the day our paths crossed. He is a poster child for the intellectual waste the Left dumps onto society.

Danny’s inability to maintain a coherent thought was bad enough. The fact his mouth ran 24/7 with no clarity was an insult to injury.

Listening to him ramble about social justice issues was especially long-winded. It never dawned on him that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

This was compounded by an utter lack of personal responsibility. Nothing was ever his fault, and blame always rested elsewhere.

Examples include:

-Danny ate almost $600 in groceries we’d purchased for common use. When challenged, he denied it despite witnesses and stacks of unwashed dishes.

-He walked around shirtless so that his pot belly and sagging pants were on display. He also landed on the couch and chairs like a sack of potatoes.

-Danny didn’t drain our temperamental shower after using it. I had to slowly empty a tub filled with dirty water one memorable morning. When confronted, he said he couldn’t control the plumbing, oblivious to how the tub’s built-in stopper worked.

-The same held for unflushed toilets. Apparently, his Marxist mindset couldn’t fathom the effective operation of its handle. (Several of us had this unpleasant bathroom discovery.)

-Talking in an ear-splitting bellow and playing loud music topped off his chaotic contribution. He simply was unaware how much he imposed upon others, despite often-heated reminders.

Imagine somebody like this given command of a national economy or an educational system to run into the ground? Look at the old Soviet bloc or communist Africa and shudder.

His worldview apparently taught that people existed to support him without reciprocity. He represented conservatives’ “entitlement mentality” argument on gamma rays.

Annoying in the microcosm, when multiplied by millions, this attitude becomes intolerable.

The lesson of this sloppy socialist is clear: society will collapse if his ilk becomes the status quo.

Did I mention he claimed to be pursuing a masters degree so he can one day teach children?

God help us!


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‘How many more sloppy socialists can America take?”

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