A Word For The Left…You Have Offended Me

Obama Runs More To Left SC A Word for the Left...You Have Offended Me

To all of the left-wing hypocrites who claim to have the best interests of American society at heart, I for one will not comply with your wishes as you have offended me.

You claim that every American should be able to prosper while forcing over-burdening tax increases on us. For that, I am offended.

You kill millions of unborn babies every year, contrary to the will of God. For that, I am offended.

You failed to properly vet the man who holds the most powerful office in the world. For that, I am offended.

You force gay rights, an absolute abomination to the Lord, on the God-fearing citizens of America. For that, I am offended.

You seek to force absolute control of unions over the American labor force. For that, I am offended.

You have engaged in a war against Christianity by your bogus claim of separation of church and state that is not written anywhere in our Constitution. You use intimidation tactics to remove all religious symbols from our schools and public squares. For that, I am offended.

You continuously give American taxpayer money to groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood against our wishes as these groups are only interested in killing America and her citizens. For that, I am offended.

You have pushed absolute immorality on our youth and have dumbed them down to a point where they don’t even know what critical thinking is and will never have the oppertunity to exercise it. For this, I am offended.

You have changed our history and our traditions, just as Michelle Obama requested, so that we no longer know the truth of our founding. Our great Boston Tea Party Patriots are now referred to as radicals and terrorists. For this, I am offended.

My left-leaning friends, this red-blooded true American will NOT comply with your social engineering model. I do believe that I stand with millions who feel the same. But unlike the thugs who you send out to protest, smash windows, destroy property, and defecate on police cars, we will simply do one thing. We will pray for you. For you who do not know the true God do not know His power either.

My prayer is that God will make himself real in each and every one of your lives and that you will turn from your evil, wicked ways. I rebuke every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ and command the evil to leave from your midst.

To my fellow Christian patriots, stay steadfast in your faith. And as always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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21 comments to A Word For The Left…You Have Offended Me

  • Guest

    LOL…man, this has to be the must amusing post I've ever seen here, and Tim, you have some serious competition in that area. But you just won the Heavyweight Championship of Stupidity.

    This one is a howler: "You have pushed absolute immorality on our youth and have dumbed them down to a point where they don’t even know what critical thinking is and will never have the oppertunity to exercise it. For this,I am offended." Timmykins, little tip for you:before you accuse anyone else of "dumbing down" our youth, learn to spell. It's not "oppertunity."


    Just FYI, that's the name of the Mars Rover that's up there now making scientific breakthroughs of the type you and the rest of the evangelical garbage will never understand, let alone make for yourselves. Your homeskooled Bible-thumping kids have a great future stuffing envelopes for Pat Robertson, Tim.

    Please, keep sharing your righteous umbrage, trailer-trash. The laughs are priceless, and it's wonderful watching you lose.

    • outspoken

      sad…..sad……Lord, he knows not what he does, help him see your light.

      • Guest

        Thanks. Your help isn't required. You might pray for every kid today who is being taught that the world is 6000 years old. They're the ones being wronged here.

    • Annie66

      Actually, your post is a howler. Your stupidity is incredible and your insight is nil. I'm glad that you are laughing and calling others trailer-trash. You, and others like you, are the true trailer trash and it will be wonderful bringing you to your knees. But then, I suspect that you spend a good bit of time on your knees because you are not man enough to stand upright.

      • Guest

        And how precisely do you expect to bring me "to my knees," Annie dear? Your type's disappearing faster than ice in the spring. Your parochiality and obvious lack of my useful education make you dependent on people like me to keep you connected to the Internet so you can spread your filth. How's about I just cut your connection?

    • jonodough

      let me guess…you're a union teacher. it's a**holes like you that place more importance on someone making one error in typing (maybe in the heat of the moment) than the message. people like you are the reason the world is in such a mess.

      • Guest

        Sorry Jon, I'm just a literate adult of the type you don't seem too know. Maybe you ought to get acquainted with a union teacher or two before you insult them.

        • WatchingandWaiting

          'you don't seem TO know'

          not "TOO"

          (so much for your literate mind.)

          • Guest

            Gosh, thanks for the edits. Much appreciated.

            And by the way, as long as we're giving each other editing advice, start your sentences with a capital letter. Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem, right?

  • John McEwan

    Well written, Sir. For the rest, how's this secular society workin' out fer ya'. Twenty kids were killed in CT today. It seems that "incidents" of this kind are rising in inverse proportion to the decline of Christianity in this country. There was a lot of talk today about the "Red Line" moving each time we have one of these "incidents". Christianity used to provide a red line. It was called the Ten Commandments and it was taught in our churches and in our schools. Christianity"s red line hadn't moved much in some 1900 years. Recently Secular Humanists have taught us that we have grown so smart that we can all discern the difference between good and evil by ourselves. If that is the case, why did the shooter kill himself?

    • Guest

      John, it takes a real pig of a man to gloat over the bodies of twenty dead children, so congratulations. You're a real pig. And you and I both know that it'll be Conservatives and evangelicals who insist that their gun laws are handed down from God and that today's tragedy only shows that the Second Amendment ought to guarantee that schoolteachers can carry weapons.

      • Annie66

        It takes a real pig of a man to use the bodies of twenty dead children in order to advance an agenda but I see that is what you are doing. Explain how the draconian gun laws in Connecticut have protected these people. Perhaps you should just shut up about the conservatives and evangelicals and try getting your own thoughts in order or do you have any original thoughts of your own? Somehow I doubt it. Continue then to run your mouth about matters of which you know nothing and vomit up the lies of the Communists who are destroying the nation. Even though it is pathetic, it is truly entertaining to see a moron regurgitate the talking points of creeps and criminals.

        • Guest

          Annie sweetie, maybe you ought to go home right now and gulp down 5 liters of gin. This will take care of all your problems. ‘Bye ‘Bye.

        • Guest

          Lemme guess…A Teabagger in Menard TX…a high school graduate, if that, with no additional education…and a devote Glenn Beck fan.

          In other words, belligerent white trash.

          I laughed out loud at this one, Annie dear: "People like Obama need to be purged from this society because they are not only uncivil, they are dangerous to the rest of us. People like Obama can select many other nations that would be more to their liking and they should be deported to those nations so that the rest of us can live without fear of having our country destroyed."

          You got that right, Annie. Your ignorance is under siege. You're losing. I'm loving it.

      • taxed2death

        and it takes an uneducated liberal moron to call people names. so typical of the left. i feel sorry for you.

        • Guest

          Sorry, Festus, but "uneducated liberal moron" is name-calling. Don;t feel sorry for me, I'm not the one having squirrel for lunch.

  • tiredofbums

    I pray for the families of the victims of today’s horrible tragedy. Jesus loves the little children. Jesus said: “Suffer little children and come unto me.” For yours is the kingdom of heaven.” Secular Humanist’s are playing an important role in indoctrinating our children and adults of today. People who know and love God don’t and would never think of doing such a thing as this. A 20 year old boy killed innocent children and adults today. Then he killed himself. This is God’s judgement on our nation. We have reaped what we’ve sown. This is his judgement for how we treat one another. I believe in God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my strength. He is my faith and my redeemer.
    May the families have closure knowing that the boy is dead who killed their children. Maybe someday they will forgive the boy that did this. Maybe it’s time for all of us the pray and repent.

  • william

    I'm (WAS) STILL AM offended by this PORCHMONKEY .MONKEY

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