A Time To Grieve

Cross SC A Time to Grieve

Today, I weep; for there is nothing you could say that could take away the sorrow they must be feeling, those who lost so much on this day. I grieve for them; it hurts, that pain I feel for them. I wish that I could take them into my arms and help them cry. I wish I could give of my tears for them, for surely by now they must be out of tears. There is no loss, no war, no fall, and no death that could possibly be so painful as that of losing an innocent child.

I wish my pain for them could help to relieve some of the pain they feel, but it can’t. One can only stand by and hurt for them and pray for them; but don’t even try to understand what they must be feeling. You can’t know what they are feeling because you did not know or experience the love they felt for the one they lost. I cannot say “May God have pity on the devil’s soul, the devil that stole their hearts.” There is not a Hell hot enough, or a place distant enough, that could possibly provide the proper punishment to something that could do this to a child.

I weep for them, I grieve for them, I pray for them; but no one can restore the joy they lost when they lost their child.

Photo Credit: John H. Wright (Creative Commons)


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