Steven Crowder: Hitting Him Attacks All Conservatives!


Tea Party SC Steven Crowder: Hitting Him Attacks All Conservatives!

FOX commentator Steven Crowder met the attack dogs that are Big Labor for all the world to see. These two-legged attack dogs in union garb laid siege to peaceful supporters of Michigan’s Right To Work legislation.

During the election, I’d floated a citizen-led security idea called “Freedom Friends (FF)” to guard conservatives at public events.

Episodes like this underscore this crying need. The Left feels emboldened since the second Obama victory and thus eager to brutalize opponents.

Obviously, they’re confident that local authorities nor the US Justice Department will rush to punish them. Time will determine how much official cover they get.

My FF concept is simple: monitor events where conservatives appear, and legally keep the peace by documenting any criminal activity.

In Mr. Crowder’s scenario, Freedom Friends would have formed a human shield between him, targeted “Americans For Prosperity” tents, and the enemy.

Experience as a bounty hunter (bail recovery agent) and tactical security officer at labor strikes comes in handy when union attack dogs aren’t leashed.

We find ourselves in a chaotic time where Democrats have reverted to their 1960s brand- only this time, liberal Black folks applaud such mob violence.

Hitting Steven Crowder was an attack upon conservatives and decent people everywhere.

The time to form Freedom Friends to protect patriots at public events is long overdue. Steven deserves a round of applause for standing up while surrounded by a pack of union attack dogs. Most people would have run away.

On the Sean Hannity show afterward, he even challenged his attacker to a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight. Definitely a stand-up guy!

Such Klan behavior reminds us what really lurks behind calls for so-called social justice and income redistribution.

Freedom Friends are needed.


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