Video: Child In Wheelchair Detained By TSA Agents

Security agents claim that this 12-year-old girl in a wheelchair tested positive for bomb residue at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Welcome to the USSA, everyone. And don’t just blame Obama for this as the TSA was created under the watch of George W. Bush.

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2 comments to Video: Child In Wheelchair Detained By TSA Agents

  • Dan Stewart

    The tsa may have been created by Bush, but it has since become obummers brown shirts. It may have been a pain under Bush, but under obummer it has become un-bearable, it must be dis-banded, & while we're at it, lets dis-band obummer.

  • They deliberately target persons with disabilities. One eighty four year old wheel chair user was strip searched prior to a transatlantic flight. I've been called out and forced to remove thin elastic 'sleeves' supporting a knee joint. And called out six times in three months. This while assisting the JTTF – pro bono – in their understanding of tactics and motivation. If I'd charged the nation a half million for my input I would have been treated with respect.

    Bad enough under Bush, but under Obummer it's become an psy ops exercise in generating a sense of passive dhimmitude and demoralisation. EXPOSE AND DEPOSE!