Video: ForgeryGate: Conspiracy Theory Or Criminal Reality?

A birther challenge that can’t be met by any doubters…

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5 comments to Video: ForgeryGate: Conspiracy Theory Or Criminal Reality?

  • AMJ

    It’s really hard to believe that Marco Rubio is holding this entire country hostage

  • David W

    Obama's birth certificate is irrelevant! By his own public admission, his father is Barack Obama Sr. Barack Obama Sr. is/was a student from Kenya, a BRITISH colony. That makes Barack Obama Jr. a dual citizen and not a "natural born citizen". Furthermore, Barack was adopted by Lolo Soetoro at the age of 7 and at that time ANY US citizenship was lost. He is a usurper and a fraud.

  • Helen

    Obama is a corrupt CRIMINAL that should be prosecuted and arrested for all of his evil crimes and that includes the Fraud that he is committing to every citizen of America thinking them to believe that he is eligible to occupy the WH. He is NOT. Not every one is as Stupid as the liberals that have their brainless heads in the sand and can think for themselves without having a PACK OF LIES thrown at them. Obama is our greatest threat to this NATION. He is supplying weapons to our enemies in the Middle East, the drug cartell in Mexico and supporting whomever else that does not want America to rise once again. Everything that Obama spews is another LIE.

  • AMJ

    Much like we came to this country over 250 years ago we slowly pushed the native American Indians onto the plains and eventually into the desert. And in the process we killed them off until they surendered, now we are being pushed out by the evil Muslim Brotherhood. We are going to have to fight if we want to stay. 1 man stands in the way from the Republicans (FoxNews) from impeaching or speaking out against the Muslim B. That man’s name is Marco Rubio.

  • AMJ

    One brave woman fights against all odds to stop this evil Muslim Obama. Her name is Orly Taitz visit her sight at