Video: CNN: Only Police Should Have Guns

In the acronym “CNN,” one of those “N’s” stands for “news.” Exactly what is “news” about the network demanding that Americans be disarmed in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre is not answered.

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14 comments to Video: CNN: Only Police Should Have Guns

  • Karen

    This idiot should not be allowed on camera!! News is news, not vitriolic opinions spouted by a liberal wing nut!

    • Guest

      As opposed to a walking pustule like Kris Zane, Karen honey, or his trailer trash readers like you?

      • Patriot Diva

        Go troll elsewhere libtard! Karen speaks the truth. Exposing a liberal to the truth is like waving a crucifix in front of a vampire.

      • Matt

        No, Karen is correct. This reporters tirade showed not only his bias, but also his ignorance and complete lack of gun knowledge. There is no such thing as true journalism anymore. Reporters report their political agenda and not facts.

  • Carol

    I agree with to a certain degree because to me they should have never ever been legal to sell to an everyday citizen because those type of guns are way to dangerous.

    • Sireta

      Of course guns are dangerous …. so are knives …. so are rocks … I think what is most dangerous is the person who sets out to hurt someone else. The weapon might just be an automobile .. so following your premise … an automobile should never be sold to an everyday citizen. I'm glad the Constitution and the Second Amendment stands between me and you. It guarantees me the right to be able to defend myself if need be. We can't keep a policeman in every closet. I, too wish there was no need for protection, but unfortunately there are demented souls out there. I wish that principal in Sandy Hook had had a license to carry and had it with her. A lot of little folks might still be with us.

    • Randy

      Carol why would you single out just this weapon as dangerous? All weapons have the potential to be dangerous. It's when they are used with carelessness that they become truly dangerous. If we had a global ban on all weapons the one group or individual that has criminal intent will get a gun! And the rest of us that don't have guns are sitting ducks just waiting to get shot.

    • Patriot68

      Those types of weapons are what the military (Governments) use, and the Second Amendment is directed at use against abusive Government not for Hunting Deer, or Killing muggers, although they will do it all handily.

  • Jerry C. Kinman

    This pathetic, delusional moron has a mental health issue himself.

  • Bob Whiting

    The blame for this terrorist act is with the Police and Authorities responsible for protecting our kid in these schools. They are dismal failures. Put the blame where it belongs. Most of these mass killers are suicide killers. A school bus carries as many as 120 kids. A suicide killer with a kitchen utensil or his bare hands could take down most of these unarmed bus drivers and drive the bus into a tree, bridge, truck, river, whatever. You don't need a gun to commit a mass murder. The fact is a gun is the best protection from one of these psycho suicide killers.

  • Patriot68

    Armor piercing Bullets and assault rifles are indeed necessary to Combat Tyranny from Government. if they need them we need them, that is what the founders meant and intended; end of story. Of course, they do come in handy during break ins and for hunting, but everybody with any reading skills knows that. Remember that any one that gives up a little Freedom for any amount of Security, deserves neither, and historically are subjected to genocide.

  • willie

    I can tell this guy has been sheltered.

  • Dan Stewart

    Haven't watched 'clinton news network' , aka 'commie news network' for a long time. Actually, I can't remember ever watching it. All my friends say the same thing, why is it still on the air?