Government The “Guilty Accomplice” Of Sandy Hook Killer

School1 Government the “Guilty accomplice” of Sandy Hook killer

Strange, isn’t it, that cowardly mass killers never seem to “ply their trade” at pistol ranges or shooting events throughout the nation. No, they inevitably choose government-mandated “gun free zones” in which no prospective victim has the means to defend either himself or anyone in his charge.

After the murders at Sandy Hook, gun grabbers are out in force demanding that something at last be done about the “all-too-easy” accessibility of firearms. The NY Times points out that Barack Obama “wiped the corner of his eye” during an address to the American public. We’re supposed to believe it was the cruel murder of these children that caused a purportedly emotional response in the president. More likely, it was unbounded joy at the opportunity this tragedy provides in the left’s ongoing battle against the right of self-defense.

After all, are we to believe that this lifelong supporter of infanticide gives a damn about the death of a few children who had simply escaped an earlier fate at the hands of Planned Parenthood? Does anyone remember the image of Bill Clinton suddenly beginning to weep at the funeral of Ron Brown after being unexpectedly caught laughing on camera at a joke someone had told him?

Obama, the Brady Bunch, Michael Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein, and the rest of those who advocate gun confiscation under the guise of “common sense legislation” regret one thing only–that even MORE children weren’t killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School so as to further weaken the resolve of the NRA and other 2nd Amendment rights organizations and supporters.

“There are more good guys than bad guys in the world,” writes Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes.  “But the good guys need to be able to stop the bad guys, and that means they need to be armed so they can stop the bad guys on the spot, without having to wait for “official” government approved good guys to respond.”

Self-defense was forbidden by government proclamation at Sandy Hook. Any notion of being prepared to defend one’s life, or that of 7-year old child, would be met with fines and imprisonment, imposed by those who believe that the best response to violence is to render its victims defenseless!

The evil and deranged will be with us forever. To think they will somehow be deterred from horrific acts because their prospective victims are legally prevented from fighting back is an affront to common sense. Stewart Rhodes was right when he called the Federal Government “…complicit in the deaths of these children, and in fact an accessory to their mass murder, by forcibly disarming…all the teachers, all the staff, and any parent who may have been on school property.”

After the murders at Sandy Hook, Mayors against Illegal Guns founder and gun confiscation advocate Michael Bloomberg called for “immediate action,” saying “…it’s still almost impossible to believe that a mass shooting in a kindergarten class could happen.” Impossible to believe, Mr. Mayor? How can that be when you and your ilk campaign so ardently for the implementation of “gun free zones” throughout the nation?! You demand that law-abiding Americans be disarmed and rendered defenseless, yet profess disbelief when a lunatic so predictably takes advantage!

And killers are indeed taking advantage of your campaign against the right to keep and bear arms, Mr. Mayor. They are taking advantage of defenseless people in the gun-free zones that you create. Now why not have the courage of your convictions and explain that to the parents of Sandy Hook’s dead?

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1 comment to Government The “Guilty Accomplice” Of Sandy Hook Killer

  • Dan Stewart

    I think one would be safer standing under a tree during a thunderstorm than going into a gun free zone. This is the ultimate stupidity, advertising to the nut jobs to come on in it's safe for you here, we're unarmed & no one can stop you in your quest to murder & maim. The idiot politicians who are screaming for gun control have either carry permits or a body guard that has one. Areas where carrying a weapon is legal have very little crime, because if the perp tries to do his thing he is eliminated. If the principal had a gun, there would have been one death at that school, the perp. Don't even try to say I'm wrong.