Obama’s Jewish Supporters Of Israel Ought To Watch The Hagel Nomination Carefully

Obama Negotiating Strategy Israel SC Obama’s Jewish supporters of Israel ought to watch the Hagel nomination carefully

Throughout the recent presidential campaign, people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ira Forman had to work overtime to cover up Barack Obama’s hostility toward Israel. They knew their co-religionists were weary of supporting a man who had so often actually gone out of his way to show his contempt for the Jewish State – the only democracy in the Middle East.  There was the sharp snub of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama’s cozy relationship with black clergy who at times foamed at their mouth with open hatred for Israel.

Now that he is safely reelected, Obama has done nothing to allay the fears of his Jewish supporters that he has not changed his stance toward Israel one bit. The latest affront to liberal Jewish sensibilities is the news that the front-runner for appointment as Obama’s new Secretary of Defense is former Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel.

Hagel has called for direct talks with Iran without preconditions, meaning that everything including the security of Israel would be fair game. Hagel also has strong ties to Deutsche Bank’s Americas Advisory Board. Deutsche Bank is being investigated for helping Iran violate the oil and energy embargo that is supposed to keep her in check until the world figures out how to keep Tehran from nuking Israel one of these days.

Investigators believe that not only has Deutsche Bank helped Iran circumvent the effeteness of the world’s embargoes but has also helped Sudan and other “under sanction” countries who are declared enemies of America and Israel.

A source in the US Senate expressed skepticism that Hagel would be confirmed as Secretary of Defense because “Somebody who willingly stands by as an official of a company helping the Iranian regime acquire nuclear weapons capabilities cannot credibly stand up as the secretary of defense for a country that may need to go to war with Iran.”

In any other Administration in American history, this would sound like a reasonable end to talk of Hagel’s appointment. But this is Barack Obama, a man who has repeatedly expressed his contempt for Israel we are talking about.  Somehow, it doesn’t sound like a definitive end to this process.

Supporters of Israel, whether Obama voters or not, ought to be worried.

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