The Numbers Don’t Lie: Banning Guns Means More Crime

Guns SC The numbers don’t lie: banning guns means more crime

As threatened as the Second Amendment looks right now, in the end, new attacks on our freedom to own guns will fail. The numbers will once again prove that the Left’s arguments are built on lies and distortions.

In the coming weeks, disingenuous liberals will try to use the tragic murders of 20 children and 6 staff members at a Connecticut grade school to justify curtailing our Second Amendment right to own firearms. That this horrific crime was committed by a likely paranoid schizophrenic will mean nothing to the gun grabbers. That the ACLU recently defeated a Connecticut law that might have involuntarily put the monster that killed these innocent victims in an institution safely away from the rest of us will mean nothing to them either.

In knee-jerk fashion, they will claim that anyone who does not want to limit our Second Amendment rights must be in favor of killing innocent children; and the media will run with these lies.

Both the liberals and their media mouthpieces will ignore any evidence (however strong) that derails their cherished ultimate goal of confiscating all guns in America. They want to bring us closer to the “enlightened” position on firearms ownership held around the world (and especially Europe.)

The Left will ignore the data from Kennesaw, Georgia, where a city ordinance that has been in effect for thirty years requires each home to have a gun.

Kennesaw consistently reports crime rates below those of the national average.  Moreover, during the years immediately following the 1982 passage of its firearms requirement, home burglary rates dropped by 82% (and other crimes followed suit.)

There will be no discussion of the mass murders of innocent unarmed people in gun control-happy Norway, where 77 people were methodically slain by a single armed killer. No one will reference the 2007 murder of 32 innocent unarmed students and facility members at Virginia Tech at the hands of a killer who knew he had nothing to fear from his defenseless victims on the proudly “gun free” campus.  These incidents don’t “fit.”

Nevertheless, with these ugly stories sitting just subsurface, the bluster from the Left will eventually die out. The whole process will be carried out so that liberals can get fresh material for fundraising letters. Second Amendment supporters will have a similar edge in fundraising.      

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  • Dan Stewart

    Definitely not rocket science, but then who would accuse liberals of being smart. They're about as dumb as rocks, 'my appologizes to rocks'.