Video: Obama Sheds Fake Tears For Sandy Hook Victims

Some of you may remember the Susan Smith double murder, where she strapped her two young children—a 3-year-old and 14-month-old toddler—to their car seats and pushed the car into a lake.

For several days, the entire nation searched frantically for the man she said kidnapped her children.

All the while, she cried and cried and cried.

Except if you looked close, there were no tears.

Barack Obama cried and cried and cried for the Sandy Hook Elementary school children two hours after the massacre.

Except if you looked close, there were no tears.

Why would a man cry anyway who has supported the murder of fifty million babies since Roe v. Wade?

Why would a man cry anyway who has dumped hundreds of millions into murder factory Planned Parenthood?

Why would a man cry anyway who voted three times against banning the barbaric practice of letting babies born alive after botched abortions die alone in soiled utility rooms?

The answer: he wouldn’t cry.

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20 comments to Video: Obama Sheds Fake Tears For Sandy Hook Victims

  • Guest

    Always a pleasure to stop by and p!ss all over your work, Krissypoo.

  • Katty

    Exactly what I saw…he'd of been more believable to have just presented a somber demeanor instead of the fake tears…you need tears in your eyes if that is what you want to portray….

  • Ex-Army

    Really? You are going to equate the abortion of fetuses to the shooting of 6-year olds? If so, then the blood for these 20 children is on the NRA and the gun-obsessed lunatics who want no controls whatsoever on guns and think that the answer to killing mayhem is more guns.

    • Controse

      Abortion is murder. Legal murder. What is the difference? A few billion cells. It is still murder. It will always be murder. One individual, the mother, decides to end the life of another individual, the fetus. That is murder. So of course moral people know there is no difference between murdering a fetus and murdering a 6 year old.

    • Ron

      How on earth can you put the blame of those children's death onto the NRA or any of those that fight for the second amendment of this country?? It is people like you that can't wait for something this horrible to happen so you can shove your gun hating way of thinking down the rest of the worlds throats. You and your kind should be ashamed of yourselves for using a tragedy such as this and others like it to push your agenda down the rest of the worlds throats.
      If you people would focus more on what makes a person do such a horrible thing in the first place we would be better off as a society. Why don't you put the blame on the so called leaders of this Nation that continue to try and push atheism down our throats. Ever since God was taken out of the lives of it's citizens more and more horrific things of this nature happen. So instead of blaming the guns and their law abiding owners for this type of tragedy why not put the real blame were it belongs and that would be on the non-believers of this world with whom have no moral compass and keep trying to ram their non believing ways at the true believers of Christ..

  • Apatriot

    It's funny how he wiped the outside corner of his eye when the tear ducts are on the inside corner of the eyes on either side of the nose.

    • Carol

      I really never thought of that but don't forget he is not real so maybe his eyes are different than most humans.

      Maybe Soros forgot to tell where he should wipe his eyes, that is something I just thought of.

  • Carol

    Everything about him is fake so why would he not have real tears.

    Just by looking at him makes me want to vomit.

  • apiki wiki

    It took the far left mere minutes to politicize this tragedy and it took the far right not much longer. I do NOT like Obama. His policies are leading this country to bankruptcy and ruin. But he is a father and I do not for one minute believe he wasn't shaken to the core by the slaughter of those innocents.
    Wouldn't it be better to come together and work towards a better understanding of mental illness? And how we treat those who show symptoms of certain conditions?

    • WatchingandWaiting

      If he has any emotions towards children at all,
      it would be his OWN kids,

      but as far as the unknown fetuses of millions of
      murdered babies, to him, (no, Guest I am not a mind-reader,
      but know when someone is an empty, shallow, vessel),

      these are simply pieces of flesh to be destroyed,
      flesh w/o souls, spirits, or potential as grown human beings.

      So, no, he isn't shaken to the core by slaughter of the innocents.

      What shakes him to the core is the thought of losing control
      over the world, starting with America.

      As far as understanding mental illness. .. he is way beyond
      being mentally ill. He is psychopathic, dysfunctional, and
      depraved spiritually. End of story.

    • jonodough

      no i do not believe he was shaken. these were white children that were murdered.


    Where were the tears for all the tornado victims, the flood victims, the Sandy victims, wait a minute this is a finely set orchestrated photo moment. How many people do you know that really cry and touch an eye with a finger. Phoney is as phoney does.


    As a follow up there is a connection with the VO shooter and the Conn shooter. Both of the father of each are involved in testifying at a government banking. Do not know how to link but look around the info is ou there. Another cover-up where children pay?


    Sorry but I meant the Colorado shooter not VO.

  • Dan Stewart

    I don't think for a moment that he cares at all what happens to an American. He has demonstrated many times his hate for non-muslims, Israel & America especially. Anyone who can't see that he is intentionally destroying America is either blind, dumb or both. I think he is GODS punishment on America for turning away from Him. If he isn't the anti-christ, he's setting the stage for his appearance.

  • D Becher

    If there be any doubt about the display being fake:
    1 There were three gestures to the eyes during the 3:48 minute podium speech.
    2 The first gesture took place after looking, down at the podium desk, at EXACTLY the 1:00 minute mark.
    3 The second gesture took place at EXACTLY the 2:00 minute mark.
    4 The third gesture took place at EXACTLY the 3:00 minute mark.
    5 All of the gestures wiped at the outer part of the upper eyelid/eyebrow. Feel free to check the time marks on the VDO.
    6 Tears in normal human beings form first at the location of the tear gland at the inner corner of the eye close to the bridge of the nose.
    7 Was that pink makeup on the eyelids?
    8 Did anyone see any tears?

  • John Frush

    I love reading the nonsensical posts of the rabid liberals here. I don't have to waste my time going to their pages to see the insanity that prevails in that arena!! 😀 ……………….Can't fix stupid:D


    Obama, and the Democrats cheated in Ohio, Penn, and Florida. Obama is a liar and is anti Christian, anti White, a true Racist trying to bring down our Country alone with his radical Democrats and progressives.
    I was watching the program and saw the FAKE tear that he wiped from his left eye, at the tilt of his head a tear would have come from the inside edge of the eye not the outer edge. I believe we are in the end times so get right with GOD if you want to get out of this mess. OBAMA the GREAT DESTROYER OF FREEDOM.