Video: Top 10 Facts Proving Election Was Rigged

Great video from our friends at WND…

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11 comments to Video: Top 10 Facts Proving Election Was Rigged

  • Don

    Okay, we all know Obama cheated. So, what is being done about it? Nothing!!!!!!!!! I hear crickets coming from those states.

    • WatchingandWaiting

      There are 15 law suits against Obama. The problem isn't the
      attorneys filing them.. the problem is the judges who are
      stonewalling, corrupt, bought off, cowards, and just plain evil.

      'Judge' (and that title is a piece of merde), Mahili, is a
      prime example of the worst judicial entity in the land.
      He had all the evidence in front of him, and would not
      even acknowledge its existence. Out of sight….
      out of mind.

      He should be disbarred, locked up, and the key
      thrown away… or better yet, hanged for being a traitor
      to our judicial system.

  • WatchingandWaiting

    It's Malihi…. I misspelled the name.

  • AMJ

    Don go to you’ll see what’s being done.

  • Everyone should see this, especially the editors at the Virginian-Pilot who assured me in 50 articles, editorials, etc that voter fraud did not exist, and I should stop worrying and be happy.

  • Dan Stewart

    This is great, I forwarded it to my friends. I don't understand how someone can get away with this. Are the repubs in on it or what.

      • Dan Stewart

        I think if they push it to the supreme court it will be null & void. Now we just need to find a repub with a set.

      • Verdicts can always be challenged, overturned, changed…

        But let me remind everybody that all citizens are required by law to report crimes they observe. Wikipedia: "Misprision of felony was an offence under the common law of England and was classified as a misdemeanor. It consisted of failing to report knowledge of a felony to the appropriate authorities." Tell the FBI.

        First step, however, is for many serious organizations to determine how accurate video is. Establish facts. Issue reports. Attack credibility of election if that is appropriate.

  • AMJ

    Wooopeeeeeeeee the Tea party finally ready to impeach Bozo. Go to click on impeach Obama now.

  • Wilton Jere Tidwell

    In many IL cities voter fraud is so rampant that if it were wiped out, IL would be a Republican State. It has gone on so long that it is done every election. Many times, in the past, the last voters voted in alphabetical order. The locals joke about how they get them to line up like that.
    It is not hard to imagine how the IL bunch, who runs him, pulled the same stuff in the battle ground states. When paper ballots became obsolete, they just switched over to corrupt computer programers and operators.