Video: Whitehouse Petition Calls For Obama To Disarm Americans

The petition created on the White House’s “We the People” site has surpassed 155,000 electronic signatures.The threshold has been met for the Obama administration to review the request.

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5 comments to Video: Whitehouse Petition Calls For Obama To Disarm Americans

  • Timothy S Korte

    I think that we Americans are all concerned about the Killings in Connecticut. But I believe that the government staged the Killings of these innocent children. The FBI, CIA, ATF and local police were in on this massacre. They arrived very soon after the 911 call was made. The government killed the Patsy by making it look like suicide. They always choose a Mentally Unstable Man on Medications that cause rage. I find it very suspicious that all the High school children were at the Bowling Alley busy and not able to witness the massacre. Also the small children were told not to look and close their eyes so they can't witness the aftermath of the massacre. It was the government that wants to take your guns away that is the motive that they are operating under.

    • Timothy S Korte

      Everyone should call or write your senator and representative and tell them that we are not to be blamed for the Connecticut massacre. Tell your rep that everyone who can have a gun should have a gun. If you get caught without a gun then they should be fined up to $1000 a year. Convicts, Illegal Aliens, Drug Addicts and if you were hospitalized for mental illness and pose a threat to yourself or others should not get guns but everyone else should have one. Its the only way to maintain our freedom. If we give up and let them take our guns then Genocide is the next step. Not to mention Slavery in a One-World Government.

    • miss nellie

      Are you out of you out of your mind!!!!!!!!! I am shocked that anyone would comprehend this massacre as a plot of the governement. This horror has disturbed and up-set the entire world. Dear God in heaven how can you reason this way?

  • Dan Stewart

    I wholly agree with Tim Korte. Initial reports of two shooters were quickly hushed up, just like at the Colorado theater. I think the second guy was a government cleanup man. He cleaned up the mess by the (suicide??) of the perp. obama cannot become king as long as we have guns because we will fight back. With sufficient death count (they are really desperate when they start killing kids), the dumbed down idiots will scream for gun confiscation. Sound familiar, 'hitlers germany', after we are disarmed, obama will declare himself king.

  • AMJ

    George Soros comes to mind