Media Celebrates Armed Killers, Ignores Armed Heroes

Miss America w shotgun Creative Commons Evil Erin Media celebrates armed killers, ignores armed heroes

Mass killers are celebrated endlessly by a salivating national media unless their murderous exploits are thwarted by Americans with a privately-owned pistol and a concealed carry license.

Nothing stirs “journalistic” juices like the mass extinction of helpless victims by a gun-wielding assassin.  Excited by an inevitable spike in public interest generated by tales of massive blood loss, animated reporters begin the familiar agenda of educating their audience on the dangers inherent in assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, and lawmakers intimidated by the NRA.

But let the grisly exploits of a psychopathic shooter be interrupted by an armed citizen, and media interest suddenly disappears while kudos for the heroic deed are bestowed upon anyone but the courageous gun owner actually responsible! It is a story that will immediately disappear from the pages of every newspaper in the country.

In an Oregon mall, the killer of 2 people committed suicide immediately after being confronted by an armed, concealed carry license holder. Both the media and police spokesmen credit County officers with having prevented additional deaths, never mentioning the fact that police arrived AFTER the shooter had died.

In 1997, a Mississippi high school student killed 2 classmates and wounded 7 others. An assistant principle retrieved a .45 from his car and held the killer at bay until police arrived. CNN made NO mention of Principal Myrick’s weapon, reporting he had stopped the killer with his car!

In 1991, a concealed carry license holder killed 2 criminals who held 20 customers prisoner at an Alabama Shoney’s. Though having potentially saved numerous lives, the sum total of the media’s interest in the story and its hero is contained in one, lone LA Times reference.

Upon being told he was failing, an Appalachian Law School student murdered 3 people at the school. The media reported that he was “tackled” by 2 fellow students, preventing additional killings. The media FAILED to mention that those students were armed with their own pistols.

According to a study done by FSU criminologist Gary Kleck, there are some 2 million defensive uses of firearms “by law abiding citizens” each year. Yet from the murders of 23 defenseless customers at a Luby’s Restaurant in Texas to the tragedy in Connecticut, our national media celebrates and sensationalizes the actions of cold-blooded killers while ignoring, even deliberately misreporting, the countless efforts of armed, private citizens in the protection of their own lives and the lives of total strangers.

After all, to make known the true value of guns in the saving of lives and property would be to betray the agenda of ending their private ownership!

Besides, everyone knows that police and government officials—that is, the “legally” armed professionals– can do all that’s really necessary when it comes to taking care of the public. Think how efficient they were in taking care of the corpses at Sandy Hook!

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