Video: Here’s One Girl Who Understands REAL Gun Control

When one Oklahoma girl found herself in a tough spot, she took matters into her own hands.

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2 comments to Video: Here’s One Girl Who Understands REAL Gun Control

  • gizmo

    U GO GIRL!!!!
    This is what the 2nd Amendment is for! Gee, where would she be now if she'd have called the POLICE!?!?!
    Yeah, 6 ft. under…

  • Ed Shick

    This is what the liberal news media should be reporting,, It seems they are wanting to take our guns away , when every family needs one plus some good training,, I have shot target all my life but I wonder if i was in a position of getting shot or Robbed , how fast would I react ,, I even spent two years in army , 14 mos. in Korea in !950, but as a medic my duty was to respond to the injured , At 82 I just might take a concealed carry class ,, things have sure changed ,, They have spent so much on other countries as foreign aid , we can not afford police or Firemen,,