You Are Your Own Gun License

Guns SC You Are Your Own Gun License

Strap on your seat belts; here’s my latest self-defense thought:

Your God-given being should be the only “gun license” needed to possess firearms, holstered or concealed.

Lets allow that to sink in. All government gun licensees should have visions of fees paid to judges, sheriffs, police chiefs, etc. strolling in their minds’ eyes.

Remember, you became your own gun license at conception.

By the way, this isn’t a hate-the-law screed or related commentary. This a loving call to remember the original “license” God wrote on our souls, the natural right of self-defense.

When responsible Americans ask government permission to arm ourselves as private citizens (or moreover, private officers), we become less than American.

Supporters of training and background checks say this keeps felons and other disqualified applicants from privately owning guns or becoming armed security.

Making it harder to own guns or work in an armed capacity isn’t gun control- it’s people control. A disarmed populace is hostage to thugs and government, unable to ward off either.

A national repeal of licensing requirements could be done with one simple act: notify the government you intend to possess weapons in public.

All a “possessor” would then do is pass a background check and have this choice entered into a database.

Perhaps your drivers license or state ID would have an identifer so officers would know you’ve chosen to be a possessor of weaponry.

Imagine not needing a license or paying fees to guard your or others’ God-given personhood? Feels like you’re a citizen again, instead of a subject asking those on high for permission to protect what they (hopefully) don’t own: yourself!

You would still be subject to all self-defense legislation where you live, but at least your status as a living license would be restored.

Imagine the burden of license fees on low-income Americans barely able to meet utility, rent, and food costs? A one-time notification process appreciably eases this burden.

The more government gets out of our way to defend ourselves, the less crime we’ll have. Criminals aren’t interested in risking their lives.

They like passive disarmed folks who won’t shoot them during botched robberies or burglaries. The idea of an America where most law-abiding citizens are secretly armed with little hassle scares them.

Gun control is the worst form of people control. Helplessness is the goal and one unworthy of a constitutional republic.

Government must recognize each citizen as his own gun license and stop interfering with our liberty expressed as self-defense.

Socialists want the politburo surrounded by armed guards while the guards surround unarmed peasants.

Recognizing our role as our own gun licenses means we’ve left the path that made the former Soviet Union a hell on earth.

Time will tell.

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By: Rev Kenn Blanchard

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